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# Allows hubot to track user statuses with away messages.
# /status <message> - sets your status message
# /status - shows your current status message
# /clear - clears your status message
module.exports = (robot) ->
robot.hear /\/status (.*)/i, (msg) ->
user = msg.message.user
away_message = msg.match[1].trim()[].away_message = away_message
msg.reply "I have set your status to \"#{away_message}\"."
robot.hear /\/status$/i, (msg) ->
user = msg.message.user
away_message =[].away_message
if away_message is null
msg.reply "You do not have a status message set."
msg.reply "Your current status is \"#{away_message}\"."
robot.hear /\/clear$/i, (msg) ->
user = msg.message.user[].away_message = null
msg.reply "I have cleared your status message."
robot.hear /(.*)\:(.*)/i, (msg) ->
name = msg.match[1]
users = robot.brain.usersForFuzzyName(name)
if users.length is 1
user = users[0]
if user.away_message
msg.reply "#{name} is #{user.away_message}."