Bottom dock for gnome shell
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Bottom dock for gnome shell


  • Minimize focused application.
  • Minimize to dock icon.
  • Drag and drop favorites.
  • Cycle windows with scroll.
  • Action list menus
  • Adapt notifications (Optional for 3.14).
  • Applications button (Optional).
  • Adjust icon sizes (Optional)
  • Adjust background opacity (Optional)
  • Intelligent auto hide (Optional).


With 'Firefox' or 'Gnome Web' from 'Gnome shell extensions webtool':

Manually (up to date version):

cd ~
git clone
cd gnome-shell-simple-dock
chmod 744

Then, use 'Gnome tweak tool' to activate the extension


Right clicking on applications button and choosing 'Simple Dock Settings' Using 'Tweak tool' (can be installed from 'Software'), the extension can be customized or disabled.


To uninstall this extension, remove the folder where the extension is installed:

rm -rf ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/