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#! /bin/bash
# FE - November 17, 2015 - Compendium of physical media data recovery techniques.
# ffplay -fs -f lavfi smptehdbars=size=sxga
# ffmpeg -f lavfi -i smptehdbars=size=vga -t 1 -r 1 tv_bars.png
# Thursday, March 23 2017 - TV snow, PAL or NTSC size at 12-15fps is more "natural-looking" when fullscreen.
# ffplay -fs -f rawvideo -video_size pal -pixel_format gray16le -framerate 12 -i /dev/urandom
# ffplay -f s16le -ar 22050 -i /dev/urandom
# play -r 22050 -b 4 -c 1 -n synth whitenoise highpass 400 lowpass 4000 gain -24
# Recover data, ignore bitrot, manufacturing defects, and intentional corruption.
title=$(lsdvd $drive |grep 'Disc' |awk '{print $3}')
echo $title
ddrescue -n -b 2048 -d $drive "$title.iso" "$"
eject $drive
dvdxchap -t $stream "$title.iso" > "$title.chapters"
tccat -i "$title.iso" -T $stream,-1 |pv > "$title.vob"
exit; # Wednesday, November 06 2019 - Skip the rest of this script.
# Tuesday, December 26 2017 - Only need ISO for errors like "[dvd_reader.c] critical: Read failed for 319 blocks at xxxx"; else, just grab VOB…
# stream=1; drive=/dev/sr0; title=DVD; dvdxchap -t $stream $drive > "$title.chapters"; tccat -i $drive -T $stream,-1 |pv > "$title.vob"; eject $drive;
# cp /run/media/user/*/JACKET_P/J00___5L.MP2 $title.mp2 && ffmpeg -hide_banner -loglevel panic -i $title.mp2 $title.png;
# gmic -i $title.png -resize 720,540,1,3,6 -normalize 0,255 -o jpg:{b}.jpg,89 && jpegoptim -p $title.jpg; rm $title.png;
# Detect chapter transitions from track silence in combination with black frames, convert with $ date -d@"$timecode" -u +%H:%M:%S
# ffmpeg -i "$title.vob" -sn -af silencedetect=-50dB:d=0.1 -vf blackdetect=d=0.1:pix_th=.1 -f null -
mkvmerge -o "$title.mkv" -a 1 --default-language en "$title.vob" --chapters "$title.chapters" --title "$title" --priority lowest --attach-file $title.jpg
# Optional foreign language clause…
tcextract -i "$title.vob" -x ps1 -t vob -a 0x20 |pv > "$title.ps0"
for count in {2{0..9},2{a..f},3{0..1}}; do tcextract -i "$title.vob" -x ps1 -t vob -a 0x$count |pv > "${title[@]%.*}.ps$count"; done
subtitle2vobsub -p "$title.ps0" -o "$title"
# Ignore generated size and palette; player will use default color and resize bitmaps via SAR/DAR.
sed -i '/size/,/palette/s/^/#/' "$title.idx"
# Wednesday, July 25 2018 - Useful for forced subtitles
awk 'BEGIN {RS=ORS=""; FS=OFS="\n"}{print $1,$2; print "\n\n\n"}' "$title.srtx" > "$"
# Sunday, March 26 2017 - Use ccextractor under wine: no byte order, linefeeds only and no GOP timing -- will use PTS instead (A NEW HOPE).
wine ccextractorwin.exe -lf -nobom -nogt -o "$" "$title.vob"
awk -i inplace 'BEGIN {RS=ORS=""; FS=OFS="\n"}{print $1,$2,$3; for (i=4;i<=NF;i++) printf " %s", $i; print "\n\n"}' "$"
sed -i 's/'"$(printf '\015')"'//g;s/\[[^][]*\]//g;s/([^()]*)//g;s/<[^>]*>//g;s/^[[:space:]]*//g;s/[[:space:]]*$//' "$"
mkvmerge -o "$title.mkv" -a 1 --default-language zh "$title.vob" --forced-track 0:1 --language 0:en "$title.idx" --chapters "$title.chapters" --title "$title"
# Optional conversion to h264…
ffmpeg -hwaccel vdpau -i "$title.vob" -sn -an -deinterlace -vf crop=704:336:8:74 -vcodec h264 -tune "$type" "$title.h264"
mkvmerge -o "$title.mkv" --default-language ja "$title.h264" -D -a 2 "$title.vob" --language 0:en "$title.idx" --chapters "$title.chapters" --title "$title"
# When mpeg2 stream has (often intentional) GOP issues at onset, mkvmerge < v7.9 will hang/crash, try "ulimit -v 512000" to prevent total system lock.
# Alternatively, convert video to h.264, extract audio separately. Or, discover duration using silence/black detect and use "-ss" to skip (WALL_E).
ffmpeg -i "$title.vob" -t 1:00 -sn -af silencedetect=-50dB:d=0.1 -vf blackdetect=d=0.1:pix_th=.1 -f null -
ffprobe -show_frames -select_streams v:0 "$title.vob"
ffmpeg -i "$title.vob" -sn -vn -acodec copy "$title.ac3"
ffmpeg -analyzeduration 2147483647 -probesize 2147483647 -ss 00:00:01.604 -i "$title.vob" -map 0 -codec copy -f vob "remux.vob"
# When ac3 stream is not detected correctly (0 channels), increase analyze duration and probesize, remux to separate stream as necessary…
ffmpeg -analyzeduration 2147483647 -probesize 2147483647 -i "$title.vob" -acodec copy -ab 448k -ac 6 -async 48000 "$title.ac3"
for channel in {0..3}; do tcextract -i "$title.vob" -x ac3 -a $channel |pv > "audio$channel.ac3" ;done
# When VOB has bad start frames/audio, use "-ss" to skip; the "-to" option with 5-minute duration speeds up test iterations.
ffmpeg -analyzeduration 2147483647 -probesize 2147483647 -ss 2 -i "$title.vob" -to 5:00 -codec copy -f vob "remux.vob"
# Extract single audio stream methods…
ffmpeg -i "$title.vob" -sn -vn -map a:$stream -acodec copy "$title.ac3"
tccat -i $drive -T $stream,-1 |tcextract -x ac3 -t vob |pv > "$title.ac3"
mkvmerge -o "$title.mkv" --default-language en "$title.h264" "$title.ac3" --chapters "$title.chapters" --title "$title"
for title in *.vob; do tcextract -i "$title" -x pcm -t vob -a 0 |pv > "${title[@]%.*}.pcm"; done
# Set a non-destructive crop mask in existing MKV…
mkvpropedit "$title.mkv" -v --edit track:v1 -s pixel-crop-top=9 -s pixel-crop-bottom=9
mkvpropedit "$title.mkv" --set title="$title"
# Add cover art to existing MKV; note: certain players (mpv) display cover art as an alternate video stream.
gm convert "$title.png" -fuzz 10% -trim +repage -enhance -interlace line cover.jpg
mkvpropedit -v "$title.mkv" --add-attachment cover.jpg
# Change default (usually) audio track…
mkvpropedit "$title.mkv" --edit track:2 --set flag-default=0 --edit track:4 --set flag-default=1
# Crop must be evenly divisible by 16, if not and/or is scaled to be, it will produce a terrible-looking encode. Overcrop instead.
# The following method produces terrible-looking encodes: lr=4 # Pixels from each side, left and right. ;tb=10 # Pixels from both top and bottom.
ffmpeg -i "$title.vob" -vf crop=iw-$(($lr*2)):ih-$(($tb*2)):$lr:$tb "$title.h264"
# For mpeg2 streams with noticeable interlace artifacts, play with additional processing -- may interfere with or disable hardware decode.
mpv -vf yadif=frame "$title.mkv"
# For navigation segfaults on empty/corrupt title(s) (BRAVE) use vlc --dvdnav-menu option to determine correct stream.
# Separate by chapters -- can recover from frame issues at start/end of cells; recombine in MKV process…
stream=6; for chapter in {1..38}; do echo "Extracting: $chapter"; tccat -i "$title.iso" -T $stream,$chapter |pv > "$title$chapter.vob"; done
mkvmerge -o "$title.mkv" -a 1,2,6 --default-language en \( "$title*.vob" \) --chapters "$title.chapters" --title "$title"
# When audio desyncs immediately on black frame (WALL_E/UP/STARTREK1/RATATOUILLE/DARKKNIGHT), pull video forward so first frame is a _complete_ I-frame and audio forward -- offset with/to video black frame; else, hardware video decode will fail and fallback to software. Examples…
mkvmerge -o "$title.mkv" -a 1,4 -y 0:-37262 -y 1:-33007 -y 4:-33007 --default-language en "$title.vob" --chapters "$title.chapters" --title "$title"
mkvmerge -o "$title.mkv" -y 0:-37000 -y 1:-31500 -y 2:-31500 -y 3:-31500 --default-language en "$title.vob" --chapters "$title.chapters" --title "$title"
# When lsdvd and vlc --dvdnav-menu segfault or fail (KICKASS), use 7z or isoinfo to find correct stream (hint: ignore non-DVD compliant file sizes).
# For titles with commentary track(s) that play over studio intros (DISTRICT9), find unfucked initial chapter 1 in ~99 titles, then combine with remaining chapters using process used for empty/corrupt title 3.
stream=54; for chapter in {01}; do echo "Extracting: $chapter"; tccat -i "$drive$title.iso" -T $stream,$chapter |pv > "S$stream$title$chapter.vob"; done
stream=1; for chapter in {02..28}; do echo "Extracting: $chapter"; tccat -i "$drive$title.iso" -T $stream,$chapter |pv > "S$stream$title$chapter.vob"; done
for iso in LOTR{1..3} ;do ./ $iso 1 ;done
for title in LOTR{1..3} ;do ionice -c3 mkvmerge -o "$title.mkv" --default-language en "$title.vob" --chapters "$title.chapters" --title "$title" ;done
# for title in *.vob; do mkvmerge -o "${title[@]%.*}.mkv" --default-language en $title --chapters "${title[@]%.*}.chapters" --title "$title"; done
# for title in *.mkv; do ionice -c3 ffmpeg -i "$title" -sn -an -vcodec h264 -tune "$type" "${title[@]%.*}.h264"; done
# for title in *.vob; do ionice -c3 mkvmerge -o "${title[@]%.*}.mkv" "${title[@]%.*}.h264" -D -a 1 --default-language en "${title[@]%.*}.vob"; done
# For excessive disc errors, reduce recovery size to one write per read, one retry per error. (MoS, MIB3)
# ddrescue -n -b 2048 -c 1 -r 1 -d $drive "$title.iso" "$"
# Example output (Man of Steel) with original recovery options…
#rescued: 441145 kB, errsize: 7687 MB, current rate: 2048 B/s
# ipos: 427286 kB, errors: 127, average rate: 1387 kB/s
# opos: 427286 kB, time since last successful read: 0 s
# Example output (Man of Steel) with replacement options…
#rescued: 8128 MB, errsize: 0 B, current rate: 856 kB/s
# ipos: 8128 MB, errors: 0, average rate: 3836 kB/s
# opos: 8128 MB, time since last successful read: 0 s
# When ddrescue projects more than a 20m run time (TITANAE), use two-pass method with a different drive outputting to original recovery file.
ddrescue -m "$" -n -b 2048 -c 1 -r 1 -d $drive "$title.iso" "$"
# For discs with >1GB unfinished area (NYSM,RED2,KICKASS2,CITW) outside the TOC, exit ddrescue; only bad streams are in the unifished area.
# These discs often have a *** Zero check failed in src/ifo_read.c vmgi_mat->zero_6 error message.
# However, discs with ~1GB error area (YOURENEXT,BATTLELA) will segfault vlc and/or play incorrect title unless unread area is reduced to ~256k.
# Monday, July 24 2017 - For "ifoOpenVTSI failed" along with multiple, repeating "Invalid IFO for title" errors (RESIDENTEVIL6), vlc --dvdnav-menu will fail; instead, extract one chapter each to find correct stream, then extract as normal.
for stream in {01..99}; do echo "Extracting: $stream"; tccat -i "$drive$title.iso" -T $stream,1 |pv > "$title$stream.vob"; done
# Wednesday, March 22 2017 - Forcibly drop all interlaced frames, crop, then encode to progressive 24fps (CHARLOTTESWEB [1973],AKIRA) with high-quality denoise.
# Friday, June 16 2017 - Add square pixel scale for DVD; use to detect crop value: ffplay -vf 'scale=iw:trunc(iw/dar/2)*2,cropdetect' "$title.vob"
# This method mimics "digitally remastered" material; however, gamma, contrast, brightness and saturation changes were /not/ acceptable to test viewers.
# …perhaps they were too used to the CRT's dark gamma on HD displays? Even when color-matched to actual animation cells…still unaccepted.
nice -n 18 ionice -c2 ffmpeg -i "$title.vob" -vf 'fieldmatch,mpdecimate,scale=iw:trunc(iw/dar/2)*2,crop=704:528:8:6,hqdn3d' -r 24000/1001 -tune "$type" "$title.h264"
# Saturday, March 25 2017 - Downmix DTS to stereo Dolby Digital Plus+
ffmpeg -i "$title.vob" -af 'aresample=matrix_encoding=dplii:ocl=stereo' -c:a:0 ac3 "$title.mka"
# Sunday, April 30 2017 - Initial convert music VOBs with PCM audio to holding format for later h264 conversion…
ffmpeg -fflags +genpts -i "$title.vob" -sn -vcodec copy -acodec flac -compression_level 8 "$title.mkv"
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