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Analytics Integrations

Analytics integrations allow customers to track Optimizely experiments in an external analytics tool. With the flip of a switch, Optimizely can append experiment data to tracking code, so customers can see the impact of their experiments in their analytics tool.

Building Integrations

You can build a custom integration using our developer documentation. To create a new custom extension, go to Implementation > Extensions > Create New > Create New Integration Extension. Once you create the integration, you'll land in the Integration Builder. In the right panel, there is a code editor, with a few tabs. In each of these tabs, you can write code that will run at a different point in the campaign lifecycle.

Supported Integrations

The below integrations are supported by Optimizely and can easily be added to our account by using the provided JSON config file. To add the integration, copy the JSON contents, navigate to to Implemenation > Extensions within your Optimizely account and Create a new Analytic Extension.

Library (More coming soon)