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Drift Chat Bot Activation Extension

This Extension allows you to easily experiment with your Drift Chatbots. This allows you to easily get even more value from your current Drift chatbots via optimization.

You will need to create the chatbots within Drift. After, you can copy the DriftLink activation ID which will allow you to deploy different chatbots in different variations within an Experiment in Optimizely.


Copy the JSON code in this library into your Extensions within your Optimizely account.

This can be found in Optimizely under Implementation > Extensions > Create New > Using JSON.

Using the Drift Extension

Once you have added the Extension to your Optimizely Project, make sure to Enable it and then you will be able to use it within an Experiment variation.

The only field available to modify is the DriftLink ID that references the specific playbook to activate.

Creating Playbooks in Drift

You will need to create the playbooks you want to experiment with within the Drift UI. Once those have been created the playbook, you can use the DriftLink ID to activate the playbook in a given experiment variation via the Optimizely Extension.

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