Google Display Network (Cookie Matching) with Optimove SDK
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Requesting Optimove Web SDK

Request Optimove Web SDK from your CSM or Optimove point of contact and send them the following information:

  1. Approving Optimove as a User List Provider (see step #1)
  2. Getting your AdWords/DBM Account Details (see step #2)

Once the Product Integration team receives the request details , they will send you your SDK details for implementation

You must have an Optimove site live in production

Add GDN related functions

Add the Web SDK functions into your code with the details the Product Integration team sent you:

  1. Call optimoveSDK.initialize() function to initialize the SDK
  2. Call optimoveSDK.API.setPageVisit() function to report page visits
  3. Call optimoveSDK.API.setUserId() or optimoveSDK.API.registerUser() in order to link/stitch visitor to customerID for Optimove campaigns


  • Please contact the Product Integration Team to guide you on which functions to use
  • Use the Web SDK guide to see detailed information on the above functions
  • Optimove GDN support is done via Optimove Web SDK SDK only

Technical explanation:

  • The functions above sets a cookie for each site visitor containing your Customer ID or Visitor ID, under the Google Cookie Matching service domain.
  • It also sends a pixel request to the specified Google domain, receiving in return a redirect request to the Optimove’s cookie matching service, containing the Google ID of the customer.
  • This allows Optimove to match the Google ID received with your existing Customer ID or assigned Visitor ID, thus identifying the customer/visitor within the Optimove data warehouse.