Buildroot-based Linux image creator for OpTiMSoC
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OpTiMSoC Buildroot-Based Linux Image Creator

This repository contains all necessary tooling to create a full Linux-based operating system image for OpTiMSoC. The image is created using Buildroot.

How to use this repository

In Buildroot-speak, this repository is a br2-external tree. In addition to this repository you need a supported buildroot version, either from a git clone or a released version.

To build a Linux image invoke make from the buildroot source tree, and pass the BR2_EXTERNAL variable to it with a path to this directory. You can then use buildroot as usual, e.g. make BR2_EXTERNAL=path/to/this/dir menuconfig. See the buildroot documentation for details how to use buildroot.

Example: to build the optimsoc_computetile_singlecore Linux image run the following commands.


# get buildroot (if you don't have it yet)
git clone --depth=1 --branch $OPTIMSOC_BUILDROOT_VERSION git://
cd buildroot

# select the default configuration for this board
make BR2_EXTERNAL=$OPTIMSOC_BUILDROOT_DIR optimsoc_computetile_singlecore_defconfig
# optional: configure the image further (i.e. add additional software)
make menuconfig

# finally, build the image

You can then find the resulting Linux boot image at output/images/vmlinux. It's a regular ELF file which contains both the Linux kernel and an "initial ramdisk," i.e. a full filesystem image with all userspace code.

Supported "boards"

For some of our OpTiMSoC example designs this repository contains a full set of configuration files which enable you to only execute a couple commands to get a Linux image from scratch. Use these files

  • optimsoc_computetile_singlecore: An image for the compute_tile example designs of OpTiMSoC configured with NUM_CORES=1. Linux is configured without SMP support, and no NoC driver is present.