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Releases: optimsoc/optimsoc


20 Dec 17:02
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This release improves OpTiMSoC all over the place.

  • Linux support
  • More reliable debug
  • More supported FPGAs
  • New NoC
  • and many, many bug fixes.

Please see the blog post for the full details.


02 Sep 14:13
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With this release we mainly add two new features:

  • Switch our build structure to FuseSoC. With this package and dependency manager we unify the build for simulations and FPGA synthesis.
  • Switch the debug infrastructure to Open SoC Debug, that is essentially derived from our debug infrastructure.

Other changes:

  • Improved building and distributing OpTiMSoC
  • The synthesis examples are back!

For more information read the full blog post and visit the tutorial.


28 Feb 14:38
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OpTiMSoC baseline release:

  • Converge to an installation tree and ease distribution of releases
  • Unify build procedures for hardware and software
  • Update first part of tutorial for this