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What is Ruruki? Well the technical meaning is “any tool used to extract snails from rocks”.

So ruruki is an in-memory directed property graph database.


See ruruki documentation here.

Visualization tool

See ruruki's visual graph exploration tool called Ruruki-eye



To see an online demo of ruruki-eye follow the following link

Some interesting data on the ruruki package 1 level deep

Go nuts and show me everything

What data does the demo instance have

The demo site is a software dependency graph of the ruruki library/package.

Tips while using and navigating and exploring the data

  • Search Page
    • Is split into 4 columns,
      • Label: Known labels to the graph database.
      • Property key dropdown: Every property name for that particular label.
      • filter operation type: Type of filter operation that you are performing. See EntitySet filter
      • value searching for: Value that you are searching for. Note that * will return all vertices for that label.
    • Display all vertices known to the database, click the search button with no filters.
  • Navigating
    • Once you have clicked on a vertex from the search page, you will see the selected vertex in the center of your page with the direct incoming and outgoing edges.
    • Double click on the bubbles to follow
  • See the help menu on the navigation page for shortcuts.
  • To show multiple levels at once, add ?levels=<number> to the url. Eg:


ruruki-eye is only a demo site and may feel laggy and slow. This is not a reflection on actual performance. It is recommended to pip install ruruki-eye locally and run it.


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