Digilent Nexys2 port of the soc-lm32
Verilog C Python
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//  LatticeMico32 based SoC platform  //

soc-lm32 is a complete open source "system on a chip" based upon the Lattice
Mico32 32 bit RISC CPU core.  See 


for uptodate information.

== Directory Structure ==:

 /rtl/      Actual Verilog components for simulation & synthesis
 /sim/      Components only needed for simulation
 /tools/    Various tools running on the developers machine 
 /firmware/ Software running on the LM32 SoC
 /boards/   Top-Level design files, constraint files and Makefiles 
            for various development boards

== SoC Layout ==

1.1 Memory Map

  [0x00000000,0x00000800) bram0      -- Bootloader BlockRAM 
  [0x40000000,0x40000000) sram0/ddr0 -- Externam RAM (size depends on actual board)
  [0x70000000,0x70010000) uart0      -- serial communication  component
  [0x70010000,0x70020000) timer0     -- 32 bit dual timer engine
  [0x70020000,0x70020000) gpio0      -- General Purpose IO 

  [0x80000000,0xFFFFFFFF] Non-Cached mirror of [0x00000000,0x7FFFFFFF]

== Interrupts ==

   0      uart0
   1      timer0.0
   2-5    NONE
   7      timer0.1
   8-31   NONE