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Docker container for automated OCR and upload to Google Drive from documents scanned to an EyeFi card
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Docker container to scan and upload documents from an eyefi scanner to google drive.

The EyeFi card will do a network scan to find a listening server, so this container must be running on a machine connected to the same network as the EyeFi card.


You will need your EyeFi card's MAC address and upload key to use this. One way of finding them is described here:


  • Pull the image

      docker pull optiz0r/eyefi-drive:latest
  • Run the container

      docker run --rm \
          -v /data/eyefi-drive/gdrive:/gdrive \
          -v /data/eyefi-drive/unprocessed:/tmp/eyefiserver \
          -v /data/eyefi-drive/processed:/tmp/processed \
          -e UPLOAD_KEY=myuploadkey \
          -e MAC_ADDRESS=001122334455 \
          -e ENABLE_OCR=1 \
          -e ENABLE_GDRIVE=1 \
          -e GDRIVE_DIR="eyefi/unsorted" \
          -p 59278:59278/tcp \
          --name eyefi-drive \
  • Initialise the Google Drive credentials (required on the first run only)

    • Obtain a shell inside the container and run the init command

      docker exec -ti eyefi-drive bash
      cd /gdrive
      drive init
    • Paste the URL you are given into a browser and login where prompted

    • Copy and paste the authorization token back into the prompt

    • Exit the terminal with ctrl-D


  • /gdrive - Cache for the Google Drive mirrored root directory This path also contains your OAuth credentials
  • /tmp/processed - Directory under which copies of the scanned documents, and the OCR-processed copies will be stored to.
  • /tmp/eyefiserver (optional)- Directory into which scanned documents are stored while they are being processed.


  • 59278 - The EyeFi card is hardcoded to use this port number and so this should not be changed

Environment Variables

  • MAC_ADDRESS - The MAC address of your EyeFi card without punctuation symbols (should be 12 hexadecimal digits)
  • UPLOAD_KEY - The upload key for your EyeFi card
  • ENABLE_OCR - Runs OCR to extract the text from the scan and re-embeds it into the PDF so that the document is searchable. Set to a non-empty string to enable.
  • ENABLE_GDRIVE - Enables uploading the processed document to Google Drive. Requires that ENABLE_OCR is also enabled. Set to a non-empty string to enable.
  • GDRIVE_DIR - Path relative to the root of the Google Drive root where processed documents should be uploaded to.


This project is derieved from multiple sources including:

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