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Optuna example that optimizes a classifier configuration for Iris dataset using sklearn.
In this example, we optimize a classifier configuration for Iris dataset. Classifiers are from
scikit-learn. We optimize both the choice of classifier (among SVC and RandomForest) and their
hyper parameters.
We have the following two ways to execute this example:
(1) Execute this code directly.
$ python
(2) Execute through CLI.
$ STUDY_NAME=`optuna create-study --direction maximize --storage sqlite:///example.db`
$ optuna study optimize objective --n-trials=100 --study $STUDY_NAME \
--storage sqlite:///example.db
import sklearn.datasets
import sklearn.ensemble
import sklearn.model_selection
import sklearn.svm
import optuna
# FYI: Objective functions can take additional arguments
# (
def objective(trial):
iris = sklearn.datasets.load_iris()
x, y =,
classifier_name = trial.suggest_categorical('classifier', ['SVC', 'RandomForest'])
if classifier_name == 'SVC':
svc_c = trial.suggest_loguniform('svc_c', 1e-10, 1e10)
classifier_obj = sklearn.svm.SVC(C=svc_c, gamma='auto')
rf_max_depth = int(trial.suggest_loguniform('rf_max_depth', 2, 32))
classifier_obj = sklearn.ensemble.RandomForestClassifier(
max_depth=rf_max_depth, n_estimators=10)
score = sklearn.model_selection.cross_val_score(classifier_obj, x, y, n_jobs=-1, cv=3)
accuracy = score.mean()
return accuracy
if __name__ == '__main__':
study = optuna.create_study(direction='maximize')
study.optimize(objective, n_trials=100)
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