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import plotly.offline as py
import plotly.graph_objs as go
import sys
import os
import re
from datetime import datetime
from plotly import tools
class StatspackAnalyzer(object):
def __init__(self, dirname, name_pattern):
self.dirname = dirname
self.name_pattern = name_pattern
self.event_classes = ["System I/O", "Other", "User I/O", "Configuration", "Cluster", "Concurrency",
"Administrative", "Application", "Network", "Commit"]
self.event_class_name = {"null event": "Other",
"pmon timer": "Idle",
"logout restrictor": "Concurrency",
"VKTM Logical Idle Wait": "Idle",
"VKTM Init Wait for GSGA": "Idle",
"IORM Scheduler Slave Idle Wait": "Idle",
"acknowledge over PGA limit": "Scheduler",
"Parameter File I/O": "User I/O",
"rdbms ipc message": "Idle",
"remote db operation": "Network",
"remote db file read": "Network",
"remote db file write": "Network",
"Disk file operations I/O": "User I/O",
"Disk file I/O Calibration": "User I/O",
"Disk file Mirror Read": "User I/O",
"Disk file Mirror/Media Repair Write": "User I/O",
"direct path sync": "User I/O",
"Clonedb bitmap file write": "System I/O",
"Datapump dump file I/O": "User I/O",
"dbms_file_transfer I/O": "User I/O",
"DG Broker configuration file I/O": "User I/O",
"Data file init write": "User I/O",
"Log file init write": "User I/O",
"Log archive I/O": "System I/O",
"RMAN backup & recovery I/O": "System I/O",
"Standby redo I/O": "System I/O",
"Network file transfer": "System I/O",
"Pluggable Database file copy": "User I/O",
"File Copy": "User I/O",
"Backup: MML initialization": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML v1 open backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML v1 read backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML v1 write backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML v1 close backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML v1 query backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML v1 delete backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML create a backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML commit backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML command to channel": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML shutdown": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML obtain textual error": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML query backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML extended initialization": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML read backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML delete backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML restore backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML write backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML proxy initialize backup": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML proxy cancel": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML proxy commit backup piece": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML proxy session end": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML datafile proxy backup?": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML datafile proxy restore?": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML proxy initialize restore": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML proxy start data movement": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML data movement done?": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML proxy prepare to start": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML obtain a direct buffer": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML release a direct buffer": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML get base address": "Administrative",
"Backup: MML query for direct buffers": "Administrative",
"OFS operation completion": "Administrative",
"OFS idle": "Idle",
"io done": "System I/O",
"i/o slave wait": "Idle",
"RMAN Disk slave I/O": "System I/O",
"RMAN Tape slave I/O": "System I/O",
"DBWR slave I/O": "System I/O",
"LGWR slave I/O": "System I/O",
"Archiver slave I/O": "System I/O",
"VKRM Idle": "Idle",
"wait for unread message on broadcast channel": "Idle",
"wait for unread message on multiple broadcast channels": "Idle",
"class slave wait": "Idle",
"PING": "Idle",
"watchdog main loop": "Idle",
"process in prespawned state": "Idle",
"BA: Performance API": "Administrative",
"File Repopulation Write": "System I/O",
"DIAG idle wait": "Idle",
"ges remote message": "Idle",
"gcs remote message": "Idle",
"heartbeat monitor sleep": "Idle",
"GCR sleep": "Idle",
"SGA: MMAN sleep for component shrink": "Idle",
"retry contact SCN lock master": "Cluster",
"control file sequential read": "System I/O",
"control file single write": "System I/O",
"control file parallel write": "System I/O",
"control file backup creation": "Administrative",
"Shared IO Pool Memory": "Concurrency",
"Shared IO Pool IO Completion": "User I/O",
"remote log force - commit": "Commit",
"remote log force - buffer update": "Cluster",
"remote log force - buffer read": "Cluster",
"remote log force - buffer send": "Cluster",
"remote log force - SCN range": "Cluster",
"remote log force - session cleanout": "Cluster",
"enq: PW - flush prewarm buffers": "Application",
"latch: cache buffers chains": "Concurrency",
"free buffer waits": "Configuration",
"local write wait": "User I/O",
"checkpoint completed": "Configuration",
"write complete waits": "Configuration",
"write complete waits: flash cache": "Configuration",
"buffer read retry": "User I/O",
"buffer busy waits": "Concurrency",
"gc buffer busy acquire": "Cluster",
"gc buffer busy release": "Cluster",
"read by other session": "User I/O",
"multiple dbwriter suspend/resume for file offline": "Administrative",
"recovery read": "System I/O",
"pi renounce write complete": "Cluster",
"db flash cache single block physical read": "User I/O",
"db flash cache multiblock physical read": "User I/O",
"db flash cache write": "User I/O",
"db flash cache invalidate wait": "Concurrency",
"db flash cache dynamic disabling wait": "Administrative",
"enq: RO - contention": "Application",
"enq: RO - fast object reuse": "Application",
"enq: KO - fast object checkpoint": "Application",
"MRP redo arrival": "Idle",
"RFS sequential i/o": "System I/O",
"RFS random i/o": "System I/O",
"RFS write": "System I/O",
"ARCH wait for net re-connect": "Network",
"ARCH wait for netserver start": "Network",
"LNS wait on LGWR": "Network",
"LGWR wait on LNS": "Network",
"ARCH wait for netserver init 2": "Network",
"ARCH wait for flow-control": "Network",
"ARCH wait for netserver detach": "Network",
"LNS ASYNC archive log": "Idle",
"LNS ASYNC dest activation": "Idle",
"LNS ASYNC end of log": "Idle",
"log file sequential read": "System I/O",
"log file single write": "System I/O",
"log file parallel write": "System I/O",
"latch: redo writing": "Configuration",
"latch: redo copy": "Configuration",
"log buffer space": "Configuration",
"log file switch (checkpoint incomplete)": "Configuration",
"log file switch (private strand flush incomplete)": "Configuration",
"log file switch (archiving needed)": "Configuration",
"switch logfile command": "Administrative",
"log file switch completion": "Configuration",
"log file sync": "Commit",
"log file sync: SCN ordering": "Concurrency",
"simulated log write delay": "Idle",
"heartbeat redo informer": "Idle",
"LGWR real time apply sync": "Idle",
"LGWR worker group idle": "Idle",
"remote log force - log switch/recovery": "Cluster",
"db file sequential read": "User I/O",
"db file scattered read": "User I/O",
"db file single write": "User I/O",
"db file parallel write": "System I/O",
"db file async I/O submit": "System I/O",
"db file parallel read": "User I/O",
"enq: MV - datafile move": "Administrative",
"gc current request": "Cluster",
"gc cr request": "Cluster",
"gc cr disk request": "Cluster",
"gc cr multi block request": "Cluster",
"gc current multi block request": "Cluster",
"gc block recovery request": "Cluster",
"gc imc multi block request": "Cluster",
"gc imc multi block quiesce": "Cluster",
"gc cr block 2-way": "Cluster",
"gc cr block 3-way": "Cluster",
"gc cr block busy": "Cluster",
"gc cr block congested": "Cluster",
"gc cr failure": "Cluster",
"gc cr block lost": "Cluster",
"gc cr block unknown": "Cluster",
"gc current block 2-way": "Cluster",
"gc current block 3-way": "Cluster",
"gc current block busy": "Cluster",
"gc current block congested": "Cluster",
"gc current retry": "Cluster",
"gc current block lost": "Cluster",
"gc current split": "Cluster",
"gc current block unknown": "Cluster",
"gc cr grant 2-way": "Cluster",
"gc cr grant busy": "Cluster",
"gc cr grant congested": "Cluster",
"gc cr grant unknown": "Cluster",
"gc cr disk read": "Cluster",
"gc cr grant ka": "Cluster",
"gc cr grant cluster flash cache read": "Cluster",
"gc cr cluster flash cache read": "Cluster",
"gc cr flash cache copy": "Cluster",
"gc current grant 2-way": "Cluster",
"gc current grant busy": "Cluster",
"gc current grant congested": "Cluster",
"gc current grant unknown": "Cluster",
"gc current grant ka": "Cluster",
"gc current grant cluster flash cache read": "Cluster",
"gc freelist": "Cluster",
"gc remaster": "Cluster",
"gc quiesce": "Cluster",
"gc recovery": "Cluster",
"gc flushed buffer": "Cluster",
"gc send complete": "Cluster",
"gc current cancel": "Cluster",
"gc cr cancel": "Cluster",
"gc assume": "Cluster",
"gc domain validation": "Cluster",
"gc recovery free": "Cluster",
"gc recovery quiesce": "Cluster",
"gc claim": "Cluster",
"gc cancel retry": "Cluster",
"direct path read": "User I/O",
"direct path read temp": "User I/O",
"direct path write": "User I/O",
"direct path write temp": "User I/O",
"parallel recovery slave idle wait": "Idle",
"Backup Appliance waiting for work": "Idle",
"Backup Appliance waiting restore start": "Idle",
"Backup Appliance Surrogate wait": "Idle",
"Backup Appliance Servlet wait": "Idle",
"Backup Appliance Comm SGA setup wait": "Idle",
"LogMiner builder: idle": "Idle",
"LogMiner builder: memory": "Queueing",
"LogMiner builder: DDL": "Queueing",
"LogMiner builder: branch": "Idle",
"LogMiner preparer: idle": "Idle",
"LogMiner preparer: memory": "Queueing",
"LogMiner reader: buffer": "Queueing",
"LogMiner reader: log (idle)": "Idle",
"LogMiner reader: redo (idle)": "Idle",
"LogMiner client: transaction": "Idle",
"LogMiner: other": "Idle",
"LogMiner: activate": "Idle",
"LogMiner: reset": "Idle",
"LogMiner: find session": "Idle",
"LogMiner: internal": "Idle",
"Logical Standby Apply Delay": "Idle",
"wait for possible quiesce finish": "Administrative",
"parallel recovery coordinator waits for slave cleanup": "Idle",
"flashback log file write": "System I/O",
"flashback log file read": "System I/O",
"flashback buf free by RVWR": "Configuration",
"flashback log file sync": "User I/O",
"parallel recovery coordinator idle wait": "Idle",
"parallel recovery control message reply": "Idle",
"cell smart table scan": "User I/O",
"cell smart index scan": "User I/O",
"cell external table smart scan": "User I/O",
"cell statistics gather": "User I/O",
"cell smart incremental backup": "System I/O",
"cell smart file creation": "User I/O",
"cell smart restore from backup": "System I/O",
"parallel recovery slave next change": "Idle",
"concurrent I/O completion": "Administrative",
"datafile copy range completion": "Administrative",
"nologging standby txn commit": "Commit",
"nologging range consumption list": "Configuration",
"recovery sender idle wait": "Idle",
"recovery receiver idle wait": "Idle",
"recovery merger idle wait ": "Idle",
"enq: TM - contention": "Application",
"enq: ST - contention": "Configuration",
"undo segment extension": "Configuration",
"undo segment tx slot": "Configuration",
"switch undo - offline": "Administrative",
"alter rbs offline": "Administrative",
"enq: TX - row lock contention": "Application",
"enq: TX - allocate ITL entry": "Configuration",
"enq: TX - index contention": "Concurrency",
"enq: TW - contention": "Administrative",
"PX Deq: Txn Recovery Start": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Txn Recovery Reply": "Idle",
"latch: Undo Hint Latch": "Concurrency",
"statement suspended, wait error to be cleared": "Configuration",
"latch: In memory undo latch": "Concurrency",
"latch: MQL Tracking Latch": "Concurrency",
"fbar timer": "Idle",
"Archive Manager file transfer I/O": "User I/O",
"SecureFile log buffer": "Configuration",
"IM buffer busy": "Concurrency",
"securefile chain update": "Concurrency",
"enq: HW - contention": "Configuration",
"enq: SS - contention": "Configuration",
"sort segment request": "Configuration",
"smon timer": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Metadata Update": "Idle",
"Space Manager: slave idle wait": "Idle",
"enq: SQ - contention": "Configuration",
"PX Deq: Index Merge Reply": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Index Merge Execute": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Index Merge Close": "Idle",
"enq: HV - contention": "Concurrency",
"PX Deq: kdcph_mai": "Idle",
"PX Deq: kdcphc_ack": "Idle",
"index (re)build online start": "Administrative",
"index (re)build online cleanup": "Administrative",
"index (re)build online merge": "Administrative",
"securefile direct-read completion": "User I/O",
"securefile direct-write completion": "User I/O",
"SecureFile mutex": "Concurrency",
"enq: WG - lock fso": "Concurrency",
"imco timer": "Idle",
"Inmemory Populate: get loadscn": "Concurrency",
"latch: row cache objects": "Concurrency",
"row cache lock": "Concurrency",
"row cache read": "Concurrency",
"libcache interrupt action by LCK": "Concurrency",
"cursor: mutex X": "Concurrency",
"cursor: mutex S": "Concurrency",
"cursor: pin X": "Concurrency",
"cursor: pin S": "Concurrency",
"cursor: pin S wait on X": "Concurrency",
"enq: CB - role operation": "Concurrency",
"Global transaction acquire instance locks": "Configuration",
"enq: BB - 2PC across RAC instances": "Commit",
"latch: shared pool": "Concurrency",
"LCK0 row cache object free": "Concurrency",
"library cache pin": "Concurrency",
"library cache lock": "Concurrency",
"library cache load lock": "Concurrency",
"library cache: mutex X": "Concurrency",
"library cache: mutex S": "Concurrency",
"BFILE read": "User I/O",
"resmgr:cpu quantum": "Scheduler",
"resmgr:large I/O queued": "Scheduler",
"resmgr:small I/O queued": "Scheduler",
"resmgr:internal state change": "Concurrency",
"resmgr:sessions to exit": "Concurrency",
"resmgr:become active": "Scheduler",
"resmgr:pq queued": "Scheduler",
"TCP Socket (KGAS)": "Network",
"utl_file I/O": "User I/O",
"alter system set dispatcher": "Administrative",
"virtual circuit wait": "Network",
"virtual circuit next request": "Idle",
"shared server idle wait": "Idle",
"dispatcher timer": "Idle",
"dispatcher listen timer": "Network",
"dedicated server timer": "Network",
"cmon timer": "Idle",
"pool server timer": "Idle",
"connection pool wait": "Administrative",
"connection broker handoff": "Network",
"lreg timer": "Idle",
"JOX Jit Process Sleep": "Idle",
"jobq slave wait": "Idle",
"Wait for Table Lock": "Application",
"pipe get": "Idle",
"pipe put": "Concurrency",
"enq: DB - contention": "Administrative",
"PX Deque wait": "Idle",
"PX Idle Wait": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Join ACK": "Idle",
"PX Deq Credit: need buffer": "Idle",
"PX Deq Credit: send blkd": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Msg Fragment": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Parse Reply": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Execute Reply": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Execution Msg": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Table Q Normal": "Idle",
"PX Deq: Table Q Sample": "Idle",
"external table read": "User I/O",
"external table write": "User I/O",
"external table open": "User I/O",
"external table seek": "User I/O",
"external table misc IO": "User I/O",
"enq: RC - Result Cache: Contention": "Application",
"enq: JX - SQL statement queue": "Scheduler",
"enq: JX - cleanup of queue": "Scheduler",
"PX Queuing: statement queue": "Scheduler",
"dbverify reads": "User I/O",
"REPL Apply: txns": "Idle",
"REPL Capture: subscribers to catch up": "Queueing",
"REPL Capture/Apply: memory": "Queueing",
"REPL Apply: commit": "Configuration",
"REPL Apply: dependency": "Concurrency",
"REPL Capture/Apply: flow control": "Queueing",
"REPL Capture/Apply: messages": "Idle",
"REPL Capture: archive log": "Idle",
"REPL Capture: filter callback ruleset": "Application",
"REPL Apply: apply DDL": "Application",
"enq: ZG - contention": "Administrative",
"single-task message": "Idle",
"SQL*Net message to client": "Network",
"SQL*Net message to dblink": "Network",
"SQL*Net more data to client": "Network",
"SQL*Net more data to dblink": "Network",
"SQL*Net message from client": "Idle",
"SQL*Net more data from client": "Network",
"SQL*Net message from dblink": "Network",
"SQL*Net more data from dblink": "Network",
"SQL*Net vector message from client": "Idle",
"SQL*Net vector message from dblink": "Idle",
"SQL*Net vector data to client": "Network",
"SQL*Net vector data from client": "Network",
"SQL*Net vector data to dblink": "Network",
"SQL*Net vector data from dblink": "Network",
"SQL*Net break/reset to client": "Application",
"SQL*Net break/reset to dblink": "Application",
"External Procedure initial connection": "Application",
"External Procedure call": "Application",
"PL/SQL lock timer": "Idle",
"enq: UL - contention": "Application",
"wait for EMON to process ntfns": "Configuration",
"Streams AQ: emn coordinator idle wait": "Idle",
"EMON slave idle wait": "Idle",
"Emon coordinator main loop": "Idle",
"Emon slave main loop": "Idle",
"Streams AQ: waiting for messages in the queue": "Idle",
"Streams AQ: waiting for time management or cleanup tasks": "Idle",
"Streams AQ: enqueue blocked on low memory": "Queueing",
"Streams AQ: enqueue blocked due to flow control": "Queueing",
"Streams AQ: delete acknowledged messages": "Idle",
"Streams AQ: deallocate messages from Streams Pool": "Idle",
"Streams AQ: qmn coordinator idle wait": "Idle",
"Streams AQ: qmn slave idle wait": "Idle",
"AQ: 12c message cache init wait": "Idle",
"AQ Cross Master idle": "Idle",
"AQPC idle": "Idle",
"Streams AQ: load balancer idle": "Idle",
"Sharded Queues : Part Maintenance idle": "Idle",
"REPL Capture/Apply: RAC AQ qmn coordinator": "Idle",
"HS message to agent": "Idle",
"TEXT: URL_DATASTORE network wait": "Network",
"TEXT: File System I/O": "User I/O",
"OLAP DML Sleep": "Application",
"Cube Build Master Wait for Jobs": "Concurrency",
"ASM sync cache disk read": "User I/O",
"ASM sync relocation I/O": "System I/O",
"ASM async relocation I/O": "System I/O",
"ASM COD rollback operation completion": "Administrative",
"kfk: async disk IO": "System I/O",
"ASM remote SQL": "Network",
"ASM background timer": "Idle",
"iowp io": "System I/O",
"iowp msg": "Idle",
"iowp file id": "Idle",
"netp network": "Idle",
"gopp msg": "Idle",
"ASM Fixed Package I/O": "User I/O",
"ASM mount : wait for heartbeat": "Administrative",
"ASM PST query : wait for [PM][grp][0] grant": "Cluster",
"lock remastering": "Cluster",
"ASM Staleness File I/O": "User I/O",
"auto-sqltune: wait graph update": "Idle",
"WCR: replay client notify": "Idle",
"WCR: replay clock": "Idle",
"WCR: replay lock order": "Application",
"WCR: replay paused": "Idle",
"JS kgl get object wait": "Administrative",
"JS external job": "Idle",
"JS kill job wait": "Administrative",
"JS coord start wait": "Administrative",
"cell single block physical read": "User I/O",
"cell multiblock physical read": "User I/O",
"cell list of blocks physical read": "User I/O",
"cell physical read no I/O": "User I/O",
"cell single block read request": "User I/O",
"cell multiblock read request": "User I/O",
"cell list of blocks read request": "User I/O",
"cell manager opening cell": "System I/O",
"cell manager closing cell": "System I/O",
"cell manager discovering disks": "System I/O",
"cell worker idle": "Idle",
"events in waitclass Other": "Other",
"enq: WM - WLM Plan activation": "Other",
"latch free": "Other",
"kslwait unit test event 1": "Other",
"kslwait unit test event 2": "Other",
"kslwait unit test event 3": "Other",
"unspecified wait event": "Other",
"latch activity": "Other",
"wait list latch activity": "Other",
"wait list latch free": "Other",
"global enqueue expand wait": "Other",
"free process state object": "Other",
"inactive session": "Other",
"process terminate": "Other",
"latch: call allocation": "Other",
"latch: session allocation": "Other",
"check CPU wait times": "Other",
"enq: CI - contention": "Other",
"enq: PR - contention": "Other",
"enq: AK - contention": "Other",
"enq: XK - contention": "Other",
"enq: DI - contention": "Other",
"enq: RM - contention": "Other",
"enq: BO - contention": "Other",
"ges resource enqueue open retry sleep": "Other",
"ksim generic wait event": "Other",
"debugger command": "Other",
"ksdxexeother": "Other",
"ksdxexeotherwait": "Other",
"latch: ksm sga alloc latch": "Other",
"defer SGA allocation slave": "Other",
"SGA Allocator termination": "Other",
"enq: PE - contention": "Other",
"enq: PG - contention": "Other",
"ksbsrv": "Other",
"ksbcic": "Other",
"process startup": "Other",
"process shutdown": "Other",
"prior spawner clean up": "Other",
"latch: messages": "Other",
"rdbms ipc message block": "Other",
"rdbms ipc reply": "Other",
"latch: enqueue hash chains": "Other",
"enq: FP - global fob contention": "Other",
"enq: RE - block repair contention": "Other",
"enq: BM - clonedb bitmap file write": "Other",
"asynch descriptor resize": "Other",
"enq: FO - file system operation contention": "Other",
"imm op": "Other",
"slave exit": "Other",
"enq: KM - contention": "Other",
"enq: KT - contention": "Other",
"enq: CA - contention": "Other",
"enq: KD - determine DBRM master": "Other",
"reliable message": "Other",
"broadcast mesg queue transition": "Other",
"broadcast mesg recovery queue transition": "Other",
"KSV master wait": "Other",
"master exit": "Other",
"ksv slave avail wait": "Other",
"enq: PV - syncstart": "Other",
"enq: PV - syncshut": "Other",
"enq: SP - contention 1": "Other",
"enq: SP - contention 2": "Other",
"enq: SP - contention 3": "Other",
"enq: SP - contention 4": "Other",
"enq: SX - contention 5": "Other",
"enq: SX - contention 6": "Other",
"first spare wait event": "Other",
"second spare wait event": "Other",
"IPC send completion sync": "Other",
"OSD IPC library": "Other",
"IPC wait for name service busy": "Other",
"IPC busy async request": "Other",
"IPC waiting for OSD resources": "Other",
"ksxr poll remote instances": "Other",
"ksxr wait for mount shared": "Other",
"DBMS_LDAP: LDAP operation ": "Other",
"wait for FMON to come up": "Other",
"enq: FM - contention": "Other",
"enq: XY - contention": "Other",
"set director factor wait": "Other",
"latch: active service list": "Other",
"enq: AS - service activation": "Other",
"enq: PD - contention": "Other",
"oracle thread bootstrap": "Other",
"os thread creation": "Other",
"cleanup of aborted process": "Other",
"enq: XM - contention": "Other",
"enq: RU - contention": "Other",
"enq: RU - waiting": "Other",
"rolling migration: cluster quiesce": "Other",
"LMON global data update": "Other",
"process diagnostic dump": "Other",
"enq: MX - sync storage server info": "Other",
"master diskmon startup": "Other",
"master diskmon read": "Other",
"DSKM to complete cell health check": "Other",
"pmon dblkr tst event": "Other",
"pmon cleanup on exit": "Other",
"latch: ksolt alloc": "Other",
"lightweight thread operation": "Other",
"enq: ZX - repopulation file write": "Other",
"DIAG lock acquisition": "Other",
"latch: ges resource hash list": "Other",
"DFS lock handle": "Other",
"ges LMD to shutdown": "Other",
"ges client process to exit": "Other",
"ges global resource directory to be frozen": "Other",
"ges resource directory to be unfrozen": "Other",
"gcs resource directory to be unfrozen": "Other",
"ges LMD to inherit communication channels": "Other",
"ges lmd sync during reconfig": "Other",
"ges wait for lmon to be ready": "Other",
"ges cgs registration": "Other",
"wait for master scn": "Other",
"ges yield cpu in reconfig": "Other",
"ges2 proc latch in rm latch get 1": "Other",
"ges2 proc latch in rm latch get 2": "Other",
"ges lmd/lmses to freeze in rcfg": "Other",
"ges lmd/lmses to unfreeze in rcfg": "Other",
"ges lms sync during dynamic remastering and reconfig": "Other",
"ges LMON to join CGS group": "Other",
"ges pmon to exit": "Other",
"ges lmd and pmon to attach": "Other",
"gcs drm freeze begin": "Other",
"gcs retry nowait latch get": "Other",
"gcs remastering wait for read latch": "Other",
"ges cached resource cleanup": "Other",
"ges generic event": "Other",
"ges retry query node": "Other",
"ges process with outstanding i/o": "Other",
"ges user error": "Other",
"ges enter server mode": "Other",
"gcs enter server mode": "Other",
"gcs drm freeze in enter server mode": "Other",
"gcs ddet enter server mode": "Other",
"ges cancel": "Other",
"ges resource cleanout during enqueue open": "Other",
"ges resource cleanout during enqueue open-cvt": "Other",
"ges master to get established for SCN op": "Other",
"ges LMON to get to FTDONE ": "Other",
"ges1 LMON to wake up LMD - mrcvr": "Other",
"ges2 LMON to wake up LMD - mrcvr": "Other",
"ges2 LMON to wake up lms - mrcvr 2": "Other",
"ges2 LMON to wake up lms - mrcvr 3": "Other",
"ges inquiry response": "Other",
"ges reusing os pid": "Other",
"ges LMON for send queues": "Other",
"ges LMD suspend for testing event": "Other",
"ges performance test completion": "Other",
"kjbopen wait for recovery domain attach": "Other",
"kjudomatt wait for recovery domain attach": "Other",
"kjudomdet wait for recovery domain detach": "Other",
"kjbdomalc allocate recovery domain - retry": "Other",
"kjbdrmcvtq lmon drm quiesce: ping completion": "Other",
"ges RMS0 retry add redo log": "Other",
"readable standby redo apply remastering": "Other",
"ges DFS hang analysis phase 2 acks": "Other",
"ges/gcs diag dump": "Other",
"global plug and play automatic resource creation": "Other",
"gcs lmon dirtydetach step completion": "Other",
"recovery instance recovery completion": "Other",
"ack for a broadcasted res from a remote instance": "Other",
"latch: kjci process context latch": "Other",
"latch: kjci request sequence latch": "Other",
"DLM cross inst call completion": "Other",
"DLM: shared instance mode init": "Other",
"enq: KI - contention": "Other",
"latch: kjoeq omni enqueue hash bucket latch": "Other",
"DLM enqueue copy completion": "Other",
"latch: kjoer owner hash bucket": "Other",
"DLM Omni Enq Owner replication": "Other",
"KJC: Wait for msg sends to complete": "Other",
"ges message buffer allocation": "Other",
"kjctssqmg: quick message send wait": "Other",
"kjctcisnd: Queue/Send client message": "Other",
"gcs domain validation": "Other",
"latch: gcs resource hash": "Other",
"affinity expansion in replay": "Other",
"wait for sync ack": "Other",
"wait for verification ack": "Other",
"wait for assert messages to be sent": "Other",
"wait for scn ack": "Other",
"lms flush message acks": "Other",
"name-service call wait": "Other",
"CGS wait for IPC msg": "Other",
"kjxgrtest": "Other",
"IMR mount phase II completion": "Other",
"IMR disk votes": "Other",
"IMR rr lock release": "Other",
"IMR net-check message ack": "Other",
"IMR rr update": "Other",
"IMR membership resolution": "Other",
"IMR CSS join retry": "Other",
"CGS skgxn join retry": "Other",
"gcs to be enabled": "Other",
"gcs log flush sync": "Other",
"enq: PP - contention": "Other",
"enq: HM - contention": "Other",
"GCR ctx lock acquisition": "Other",
"GCR CSS group lock": "Other",
"GCR CSS group join": "Other",
"GCR CSS group leave": "Other",
"GCR CSS group update": "Other",
"GCR CSS group query": "Other",
"enq: AC - acquiring partition id": "Other",
"SGA: allocation forcing component growth": "Other",
"SGA: sga_target resize": "Other",
"enq: SC - contention": "Other",
"control file heartbeat": "Other",
"control file diagnostic dump": "Other",
"enq: CF - contention": "Other",
"enq: SW - contention": "Other",
"enq: DS - contention": "Other",
"enq: TC - contention": "Other",
"enq: TC - contention2": "Other",
"buffer exterminate": "Other",
"buffer resize": "Other",
"latch: cache buffers lru chain": "Other",
"enq: PW - perwarm status in dbw0": "Other",
"latch: checkpoint queue latch": "Other",
"latch: cache buffer handles": "Other",
"kcbzps": "Other",
"DBWR range invalidation sync": "Other",
"buffer deadlock": "Other",
"buffer latch": "Other",
"cr request retry": "Other",
"writes stopped by instance recovery or database suspension": "Other",
"lock escalate retry": "Other",
"lock deadlock retry": "Other",
"prefetch warmup block being transferred": "Other",
"recovery buffer pinned": "Other",
"TSE master key rekey": "Other",
"TSE SSO wallet reopen": "Other",
"force-cr-override flush": "Other",
"enq: CR - block range reuse ckpt": "Other",
"wait for MTTR advisory state object": "Other",
"latch: object queue header operation": "Other",
"retry cftxn during close": "Other",
"get branch/thread/sequence enqueue": "Other",
"enq: WL - Test access/locking": "Other",
"Data Guard server operation completion": "Other",
"FAL archive wait 1 sec for REOPEN minimum": "Other",
"TEST: action sync": "Other",
"TEST: action hang": "Other",
"RSGA: RAC reconfiguration": "Other",
"enq: WL - RAC-wide SGA initialize": "Other",
"enq: WL - RAC-wide SGA write": "Other",
"enq: WL - RAC-wide SGA dump": "Other",
"LGWR ORL/NoExp FAL archival": "Other",
"enq: WS - contention": "Other",
"MRP wait on process start": "Other",
"MRP wait on process restart": "Other",
"MRP wait on startup clear": "Other",
"MRP inactivation": "Other",
"MRP termination": "Other",
"MRP state inspection": "Other",
"MRP wait on archivelog arrival": "Other",
"MRP wait on archivelog archival": "Other",
"enq: WL - Far Sync Fail Over": "Other",
"Monitor testing": "Other",
"enq: WL - redo_db table update": "Other",
"enq: WL - redo_db table query": "Other",
"enq: WL - redo_log table update": "Other",
"enq: WL - redo_log table query": "Other",
"enq: PY - AVM RTA access instance": "Other",
"enq: PY - AVM RTA access database": "Other",
"enq: PY - AVM RTA access database 2": "Other",
"log switch/archive": "Other",
"enq: WL - Switchover To Primary": "Other",
"ARCH wait on c/f tx acquire 1": "Other",
"RFS attach": "Other",
"RFS create": "Other",
"RFS close": "Other",
"RFS announce": "Other",
"RFS register": "Other",
"RFS detach": "Other",
"RFS ping": "Other",
"RFS dispatch": "Other",
"enq: WL - RFS global state contention": "Other",
"LGWR simulation latency wait": "Other",
"LNS simulation latency wait": "Other",
"ASYNC Remote Write": "Other",
"SYNC Remote Write": "Other",
"ARCH Remote Write": "Other",
"Redo Transport Attach": "Other",
"Redo Transport Detach": "Other",
"Redo Transport Open": "Other",
"Redo Transport Close": "Other",
"Redo Transport Ping": "Other",
"Remote SYNC Ping": "Other",
"Redo Transport Slave Startup": "Other",
"Redo Transport Slave Shutdown": "Other",
"Redo Writer Remote Sync Notify": "Other",
"Redo Writer Remote Sync Complete": "Other",
"Redo Transport MISC": "Other",
"Data Guard: RFS disk I/O": "Other",
"ARCH wait for process start 1": "Other",
"ARCH wait for process death 1": "Other",
"ARCH wait for process start 3": "Other",
"Data Guard: process exit": "Other",
"Data Guard: process clean up": "Other",
"LGWR-LNS wait on channel": "Other",
"enq: WR - contention": "Other",
"Redo transport testing": "Other",
"enq: RZ - add element": "Other",
"enq: RZ - remove element": "Other",
"Image redo gen delay": "Other",
"LGWR wait for redo copy": "Other",
"latch: redo allocation": "Other",
"log file switch (clearing log file)": "Other",
"target log write size": "Other",
"LGWR any worker group": "Other",
"LGWR all worker groups": "Other",
"LGWR worker group ordering": "Other",
"LGWR intra group sync": "Other",
"LGWR intra group IO completion": "Other",
"enq: WL - contention": "Other",
"enq: RN - contention": "Other",
"DFS db file lock": "Other",
"enq: DF - contention": "Other",
"enq: IS - contention": "Other",
"enq: IP - open/close PDB": "Other",
"enq: FS - contention": "Other",
"enq: FS - online log operation": "Other",
"enq: DM - contention": "Other",
"enq: RP - contention": "Other",
"latch: gc element": "Other",
"enq: RT - contention": "Other",
"enq: RT - thread internal enable/disable": "Other",
"enq: IR - contention": "Other",
"enq: IR - contention2": "Other",
"enq: IR - global serialization": "Other",
"enq: IR - local serialization": "Other",
"enq: IR - arbitrate instance recovery": "Other",
"enq: MR - contention": "Other",
"enq: MR - standby role transition": "Other",
"enq: MR - multi instance redo apply": "Other",
"enq: MR - any role transition": "Other",
"enq: MR - PDB open": "Other",
"enq: MR - datafile online": "Other",
"enq: MR - adg instance recovery": "Other",
"shutdown after switchover to standby": "Other",
"cancel media recovery on switchover": "Other",
"parallel recovery coord wait for reply": "Other",
"parallel recovery coord send blocked": "Other",
"parallel recovery slave wait for change": "Other",
"enq: BR - file shrink": "Other",
"enq: BR - proxy-copy": "Other",
"enq: BR - multi-section restore header": "Other",
"enq: BR - multi-section restore section": "Other",
"enq: BR - space info datafile hdr update": "Other",
"enq: BR - request autobackup": "Other",
"enq: BR - perform autobackup": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA lock db": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA lock storage loc": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA lock timer queue": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA lock scheduler": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA lock API": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA quiesce storage ": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA check quiescence": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA run scheduler": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA purge storage loc": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA invalidate plans": "Other",
"enq: BR - BA protect plans": "Other",
"enq: ID - contention": "Other",
"Backup Restore Throttle sleep": "Other",
"Backup Restore Switch Bitmap sleep": "Other",
"Backup Restore Event 19778 sleep": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare1": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare2": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare3": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare4": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare5": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare6": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare7": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare8": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare9": "Other",
"enq: BS - Backup spare0": "Other",
"enq: AB - ABMR process start/stop": "Other",
"enq: AB - ABMR process initialized": "Other",
"Auto BMR completion": "Other",
"Auto BMR RPC standby catchup": "Other",
"enq: BC - drop container group": "Other",
"enq: BC - create container": "Other",
"enq: BC - group - create container": "Other",
"enq: BC - drop container": "Other",
"enq: BC - group - create file": "Other",
"enq: BI - create file": "Other",
"enq: BI - identify file": "Other",
"enq: BI - delete file": "Other",
"enq: BZ - resize file": "Other",
"enq: BV - rebuild/validate group": "Other",
"Backup Appliance container synchronous read": "Other",
"Backup Appliance container synchronous write": "Other",
"Backup Appliance container I/O": "Other",
"enq: MN - contention": "Other",
"enq: PL - contention": "Other",
"enq: CP - Pluggable database resetlogs": "Other",
"enq: SB - logical standby metadata": "Other",
"enq: SB - table instantiation": "Other",
"Logical Standby Apply shutdown": "Other",
"Logical Standby pin transaction": "Other",
"Logical Standby dictionary build": "Other",
"Logical Standby Terminal Apply": "Other",
"Logical Standby Debug": "Other",
"Resolution of in-doubt txns": "Other",
"enq: XR - quiesce database": "Other",
"enq: XR - database force logging": "Other",
"standby query scn advance": "Other",
"change tracking file synchronous read": "Other",
"change tracking file synchronous write": "Other",
"change tracking file parallel write": "Other",
"block change tracking buffer space": "Other",
"CTWR media recovery checkpoint request": "Other",
"enq: CT - global space management": "Other",
"enq: CT - local space management": "Other",
"enq: CT - change stream ownership": "Other",
"enq: CT - state": "Other",
"enq: CT - state change gate 1": "Other",
"enq: CT - state change gate 2": "Other",
"enq: CT - CTWR process start/stop": "Other",
"enq: CT - reading": "Other",
"recovery area: computing dropped files": "Other",
"recovery area: computing obsolete files": "Other",
"recovery area: computing backed up files": "Other",
"recovery area: computing applied logs": "Other",
"enq: RS - file delete": "Other",
"enq: RS - record reuse": "Other",
"enq: RS - prevent file delete": "Other",
"enq: RS - prevent aging list update": "Other",
"enq: RS - persist alert level": "Other",
"enq: RS - read alert level": "Other",
"enq: RS - write alert level": "Other",
"enq: FL - Flashback database log": "Other",
"enq: FL - Flashback db command": "Other",
"enq: FD - Marker generation": "Other",
"enq: FD - Tablespace flashback on/off": "Other",
"enq: FD - Flashback coordinator": "Other",
"enq: FD - Flashback on/off": "Other",
"enq: FD - Restore point create/drop": "Other",
"enq: FD - Flashback logical operations": "Other",
"flashback free VI log": "Other",
"flashback log switch": "Other",
"enq: FW - contention": "Other",
"RVWR wait for flashback copy": "Other",
"parallel recovery read buffer free": "Other",
"parallel recovery redo cache buffer free": "Other",
"parallel recovery change buffer free": "Other",
"cell smart flash unkeep": "Other",
"parallel recovery coord: all replies": "Other",
"datafile move cleanup during resize": "Other",
"recovery receive buffer free": "Other",
"recovery send buffer free": "Other",
"DBMS_ROLLING instruction completion": "Other",
"blocking txn id for DDL": "Other",
"transaction": "Other",
"inactive transaction branch": "Other",
"txn to complete": "Other",
"PMON to cleanup pseudo-branches at svc stop time": "Other",
"PMON to cleanup detached branches at shutdown": "Other",
"test long ops": "Other",
"latch: undo global data": "Other",
"undo segment recovery": "Other",
"unbound tx": "Other",
"wait for change": "Other",
"wait for another txn - undo rcv abort": "Other",
"wait for another txn - txn abort": "Other",
"wait for another txn - rollback to savepoint": "Other",
"undo_retention publish retry": "Other",
"enq: TA - contention": "Other",
"enq: TX - contention": "Other",
"enq: US - contention": "Other",
"wait for stopper event to be increased": "Other",
"wait for a undo record": "Other",
"wait for a paralle reco to abort": "Other",
"enq: IM - contention for blr": "Other",
"enq: TD - KTF dump entries": "Other",
"enq: TE - KTF broadcast": "Other",
"enq: CN - race with txn": "Other",
"enq: CN - race with reg": "Other",
"enq: CN - race with init": "Other",
"latch: Change Notification Hash table latch": "Other",
"enq: CO - master slave det": "Other",
"enq: FE - contention": "Other",
"latch: change notification client cache latch": "Other",
"latch: SGA Logging Log Latch": "Other",
"latch: SGA Logging Bkt Latch": "Other",
"enq: MC - Securefile log": "Other",
"enq: MF - flush bkgnd periodic": "Other",
"enq: MF - creating swap in instance": "Other",
"enq: MF - flush space": "Other",
"enq: MF - flush client": "Other",
"enq: MF - flush prior error": "Other",
"enq: MF - flush destroy": "Other",
"latch: ILM activity tracking latch": "Other",
"latch: ILM access tracking extent": "Other",
"IM CU busy": "Other",
"enq: TF - contention": "Other",
"latch: lob segment hash table latch": "Other",
"latch: lob segment query latch": "Other",
"latch: lob segment dispenser latch": "Other",
"Wait for shrink lock2": "Other",
"Wait for shrink lock": "Other",
"L1 validation": "Other",
"Wait for TT enqueue": "Other",
"kttm2d": "Other",
"ktsambl": "Other",
"ktfbtgex": "Other",
"enq: DT - contention": "Other",
"enq: TS - contention": "Other",
"enq: FB - contention": "Other",
"enq: SK - contention": "Other",
"enq: DW - contention": "Other",
"enq: SU - contention": "Other",
"enq: TT - contention": "Other",
"ktm: instance recovery": "Other",
"instance state change": "Other",
"enq: SM - contention": "Other",
"enq: SJ - Slave Task Cancel": "Other",
"Space Manager: slave messages": "Other",
"enq: FH - contention": "Other",
"latch: IM area scb latch": "Other",
"latch: IM area sb latch": "Other",
"enq: TZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: IN - contention": "Other",
"enq: ZB - contention": "Other",
"latch: IM seg hdr latch": "Other",
"latch: IM emb latch": "Other",
"enq: SV - contention": "Other",
"index block split": "Other",
"kdblil wait before retrying ORA-54": "Other",
"dupl. cluster key": "Other",
"kdic_do_merge": "Other",
"enq: DL - contention": "Other",
"enq: HQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: HP - contention": "Other",
"enq: KL - contention": "Other",
"enq: WG - delete fso": "Other",
"enq: SL - get lock": "Other",
"enq: SL - escalate lock": "Other",
"enq: SL - get lock for undo": "Other",
"enq: ZH - compression analysis": "Other",
"Compression analysis": "Other",
"enq: SZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: ZC - FS Seg contention": "Other",
"enq: ZD - FS CU mod": "Other",
"enq: SY - IM populate by other session": "Other",
"IM populate completion": "Other",
"In-Memory populate: over pga limit": "Other",
"row cache cleanup": "Other",
"row cache process": "Other",
"enq: QA - contention": "Other",
"enq: QB - contention": "Other",
"enq: QC - contention": "Other",
"enq: QD - contention": "Other",
"enq: QE - contention": "Other",
"enq: QF - contention": "Other",
"enq: QG - contention": "Other",
"enq: QH - contention": "Other",
"enq: QI - contention": "Other",
"enq: QJ - contention": "Other",
"enq: QK - contention": "Other",
"enq: QL - contention": "Other",
"enq: QM - contention": "Other",
"enq: QN - contention": "Other",
"enq: QO - contention": "Other",
"enq: QP - contention": "Other",
"enq: QQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: QR - contention": "Other",
"enq: QS - contention": "Other",
"enq: QT - contention": "Other",
"enq: QU - contention": "Other",
"enq: QV - contention": "Other",
"enq: QX - contention": "Other",
"enq: QY - contention": "Other",
"enq: QZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: DV - contention": "Other",
"enq: SO - contention": "Other",
"enq: VA - contention": "Other",
"enq: VB - contention": "Other",
"enq: VC - contention": "Other",
"enq: VD - contention": "Other",
"enq: VE - contention": "Other",
"enq: VF - contention": "Other",
"enq: VG - contention": "Other",
"enq: VH - contention": "Other",
"enq: VI - contention": "Other",
"enq: VJ - contention": "Other",
"enq: VK - contention": "Other",
"enq: VL - contention": "Other",
"enq: VM - contention": "Other",
"enq: VN - contention": "Other",
"enq: VO - contention": "Other",
"enq: VP - contention": "Other",
"enq: VQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: VR - contention": "Other",
"enq: VS - contention": "Other",
"enq: VT - contention": "Other",
"enq: VU - contention": "Other",
"enq: VV - contention": "Other",
"enq: VX - contention": "Other",
"enq: VY - contention": "Other",
"enq: VZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: EA - contention": "Other",
"enq: EB - contention": "Other",
"enq: EC - contention": "Other",
"enq: ED - contention": "Other",
"enq: EE - contention": "Other",
"enq: EF - contention": "Other",
"enq: EG - contention": "Other",
"enq: EH - contention": "Other",
"enq: EI - contention": "Other",
"enq: EJ - contention": "Other",
"enq: EK - contention": "Other",
"enq: EL - contention": "Other",
"enq: EM - contention": "Other",
"enq: EN - contention": "Other",
"enq: EO - contention": "Other",
"enq: EP - contention": "Other",
"enq: EQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: ER - contention": "Other",
"enq: ES - contention": "Other",
"enq: ET - contention": "Other",
"enq: EU - contention": "Other",
"enq: EV - contention": "Other",
"enq: EX - contention": "Other",
"enq: EY - contention": "Other",
"enq: EZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: LA - contention": "Other",
"enq: LB - contention": "Other",
"enq: LC - contention": "Other",
"enq: LD - contention": "Other",
"enq: LE - contention": "Other",
"enq: LF - contention": "Other",
"enq: LG - contention": "Other",
"enq: LH - contention": "Other",
"enq: LI - contention": "Other",
"enq: LJ - contention": "Other",
"enq: LK - contention": "Other",
"enq: LL - contention": "Other",
"enq: LM - contention": "Other",
"enq: LN - contention": "Other",
"enq: LO - contention": "Other",
"enq: LP - contention": "Other",
"enq: LQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: LR - contention": "Other",
"enq: LS - contention": "Other",
"enq: LT - contention": "Other",
"enq: LU - contention": "Other",
"enq: LV - contention": "Other",
"enq: LX - contention": "Other",
"enq: LY - contention": "Other",
"enq: LZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: YA - contention": "Other",
"enq: YB - contention": "Other",
"enq: YC - contention": "Other",
"enq: YD - contention": "Other",
"enq: YE - contention": "Other",
"enq: YF - contention": "Other",
"enq: YG - contention": "Other",
"enq: YH - contention": "Other",
"enq: YI - contention": "Other",
"enq: YJ - contention": "Other",
"enq: YK - contention": "Other",
"enq: YL - contention": "Other",
"enq: YM - contention": "Other",
"enq: YN - contention": "Other",
"enq: YO - contention": "Other",
"enq: YP - contention": "Other",
"enq: YQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: YR - contention": "Other",
"enq: YS - contention": "Other",
"enq: YT - contention": "Other",
"enq: YU - contention": "Other",
"enq: YV - contention": "Other",
"enq: YX - contention": "Other",
"enq: YY - contention": "Other",
"enq: YZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: GA - contention": "Other",
"enq: GB - contention": "Other",
"enq: GC - contention": "Other",
"enq: GD - contention": "Other",
"enq: GE - contention": "Other",
"enq: GF - contention": "Other",
"enq: GG - contention": "Other",
"enq: GH - contention": "Other",
"enq: GI - contention": "Other",
"enq: GJ - contention": "Other",
"enq: GK - contention": "Other",
"enq: GL - contention": "Other",
"enq: GM - contention": "Other",
"enq: GN - contention": "Other",
"enq: GO - contention": "Other",
"enq: GP - contention": "Other",
"enq: GQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: GR - contention": "Other",
"enq: GS - contention": "Other",
"enq: GT - contention": "Other",
"enq: GU - contention": "Other",
"enq: GV - contention": "Other",
"enq: GX - contention": "Other",
"enq: GY - contention": "Other",
"enq: GZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: NA - contention": "Other",
"enq: NB - contention": "Other",
"enq: NC - contention": "Other",
"enq: ND - contention": "Other",
"enq: NE - contention": "Other",
"enq: NF - contention": "Other",
"enq: NG - contention": "Other",
"enq: NH - contention": "Other",
"enq: NI - contention": "Other",
"enq: NJ - contention": "Other",
"enq: NK - contention": "Other",
"enq: NL - contention": "Other",
"enq: NM - contention": "Other",
"enq: NN - contention": "Other",
"enq: NO - contention": "Other",
"enq: NP - contention": "Other",
"enq: NQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: NR - contention": "Other",
"enq: NS - contention": "Other",
"enq: NT - contention": "Other",
"enq: NU - contention": "Other",
"enq: NV - contention": "Other",
"enq: NX - contention": "Other",
"enq: NY - contention": "Other",
"enq: NZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: IV - contention": "Other",
"enq: TP - contention": "Other",
"enq: RW - MV metadata contention": "Other",
"enq: OC - contention": "Other",
"enq: OL - contention": "Other",
"kkdlgon": "Other",
"kkdlsipon": "Other",
"kkdlhpon": "Other",
"kgltwait": "Other",
"kksfbc research": "Other",
"kksscl hash split": "Other",
"kksfbc child completion": "Other",
"enq: CU - contention": "Other",
"enq: AE - lock": "Other",
"enq: PF - contention": "Other",
"enq: IL - contention": "Other",
"enq: CL - drop label": "Other",
"enq: CL - compare labels": "Other",
"enq: SG - OLS Add Group": "Other",
"enq: SG - OLS Create Group": "Other",
"enq: SG - OLS Drop Group": "Other",
"enq: SG - OLS Alter Group Parent": "Other",
"enq: OP - OLS Store user entries": "Other",
"enq: OP - OLS Cleanup unused profiles": "Other",
"enq: CC - decryption": "Other",
"enq: MK - contention": "Other",
"enq: OW - initialization": "Other",
"enq: OW - termination": "Other",
"enq: RK - set key": "Other",
"enq: HC - HSM cache write": "Other",
"enq: HC - HSM cache read": "Other",
"enq: RL - RAC wallet lock": "Other",
"enq: ZZ - update hash tables": "Other",
"Failed Logon Delay": "Other",
"enq: ZA - add std audit table partition": "Other",
"enq: ZF - add fga audit table partition": "Other",
"enq: ZS - excl access to spill audit file": "Other",
"enq: PA - modify a privilege capture": "Other",
"enq: PA - read a privilege capture": "Other",
"enq: PC - update privilege capture info": "Other",
"enq: PC - read privilege capture info": "Other",
"enq: KZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: DX - contention": "Other",
"enq: DR - contention": "Other",
"pending global transaction(s)": "Other",
"free global transaction table entry": "Other",
"library cache revalidation": "Other",
"library cache shutdown": "Other",
"BFILE closure": "Other",
"BFILE check if exists": "Other",
"BFILE check if open": "Other",
"BFILE get length": "Other",
"BFILE get name object": "Other",
"BFILE get path object": "Other",
"BFILE open": "Other",
"BFILE internal seek": "Other",
"waiting to get CAS latch": "Other",
"waiting to get RM CAS latch": "Other",
"resmgr:internal state cleanup": "Other",
"xdb schema cache initialization": "Other",
"ASM cluster file access": "Other",
"CSS initialization": "Other",
"CSS group registration": "Other",
"CSS group membership query": "Other",
"CSS operation: data query": "Other",
"CSS operation: data update": "Other",
"CSS Xgrp shared operation": "Other",
"CSS operation: query": "Other",
"CSS operation: action": "Other",
"CSS operation: diagnostic": "Other",
"GIPC operation: dump": "Other",
"GPnP Initialization": "Other",
"GPnP Termination": "Other",
"GPnP Get Item": "Other",
"GPnP Set Item": "Other",
"GPnP Get Error": "Other",
"ADR file lock": "Other",
"ADR block file read": "Other",
"ADR block file write": "Other",
"CRS call completion": "Other",
"dispatcher shutdown": "Other",
"listener registration dump": "Other",
"latch: virtual circuit queues": "Other",
"listen endpoint status": "Other",
"OJVM: Generic": "Other",
"select wait": "Other",
"jobq slave shutdown wait": "Other",
"jobq slave TJ process wait": "Other",
"job scheduler coordinator slave wait": "Other",
"enq: JD - contention": "Other",
"enq: JQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: OD - Serializing DDLs": "Other",
"RAC referential constraint parent lock": "Other",
"RAC: constraint DDL lock": "Other",
"kkshgnc reloop": "Other",
"optimizer stats update retry": "Other",
"wait active processes": "Other",
"SUPLOG PL wait for inflight pragma-d PL/SQL": "Other",
"enq: MD - contention": "Other",
"enq: MS - contention": "Other",
"wait for kkpo ref-partitioning *TEST EVENT*": "Other",
"enq: AP - contention": "Other",
"PX slave connection": "Other",
"PX slave release": "Other",
"PX Send Wait": "Other",
"PX qref latch": "Other",
"PX server shutdown": "Other",
"PX create server": "Other",
"PX signal server": "Other",
"PX Deq Credit: free buffer": "Other",
"PX Deq: Test for msg": "Other",
"PX Deq: Test for credit": "Other",
"PX Deq: Signal ACK RSG": "Other",
"PX Deq: Signal ACK EXT": "Other",
"PX Deq: reap credit": "Other",
"PX Nsq: PQ descriptor query": "Other",
"PX Nsq: PQ load info query": "Other",
"PX Deq Credit: Session Stats": "Other",
"PX Deq: Slave Session Stats": "Other",
"PX Deq: Slave Join Frag": "Other",
"enq: PI - contention": "Other",
"enq: PS - contention": "Other",
"latch: parallel query alloc buffer": "Other",
"kxfxse": "Other",
"kxfxsp": "Other",
"PX Deq: Table Q qref": "Other",
"PX Deq: Table Q Get Keys": "Other",
"PX Deq: Table Q Close": "Other",
"GV$: slave acquisition retry wait time": "Other",
"PX hash elem being inserted": "Other",
"latch: PX hash array latch": "Other",
"enq: AY - contention": "Other",
"enq: TO - contention": "Other",
"enq: IT - contention": "Other",
"enq: BF - allocation contention": "Other",
"enq: BF - PMON Join Filter cleanup": "Other",
"enq: RD - RAC load": "Other",
"enq: KV - key vector creation coordination": "Other",
"timer in sksawat": "Other",
"scginq AST call": "Other",
"kupp process wait": "Other",
"Kupp process shutdown": "Other",
"Data Pump slave startup": "Other",
"Data Pump slave init": "Other",
"enq: KP - contention": "Other",
"Replication Dequeue ": "Other",
"knpc_acwm_AwaitChangedWaterMark": "Other",
"knpc_anq_AwaitNonemptyQueue": "Other",
"knpsmai": "Other",
"enq: SR - contention": "Other",
"REPL Capture/Apply: database startup": "Other",
"REPL Capture/Apply: miscellaneous": "Other",
"enq: SI - contention": "Other",
"REPL Capture/Apply: RAC inter-instance ack": "Other",
"enq: IA - contention": "Other",
"enq: JI - contention": "Other",
"qerex_gdml": "Other",
"enq: AT - contention": "Other",
"opishd": "Other",
"kpodplck wait before retrying ORA-54": "Other",
"enq: CQ - contention": "Other",
"wait for EMON to spawn": "Other",
"EMON termination": "Other",
"Emon coordinator startup": "Other",
"enq: SE - contention": "Other",
"tsm with timeout": "Other",
"Streams AQ: waiting for busy instance for instance_name": "Other",
"enq: TQ - TM contention": "Other",
"enq: TQ - DDL contention": "Other",
"enq: TQ - INI contention": "Other",
"enq: TQ - DDL-INI contention": "Other",
"enq: TQ - INI sq contention": "Other",
"enq: TQ - MC free sync at cross job start": "Other",
"enq: TQ - MC free sync at cross job stop": "Other",
"enq: TQ - MC free sync at cross job end": "Other",
"enq: TQ - MC free sync at export subshard": "Other",
"enq: TQ - sq TM contention": "Other",
"AQ reload SO release": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Enqueue commit uncached": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Enqueue commit cached": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Dequeue update scn": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Parallel cross update scn": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Cross update scn": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Trucate subshard": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Cross export subshard": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Cross import subshard": "Other",
"enq: RQ - Free shadow shard": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ indexed cached commit": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ uncached commit WM update": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ uncached dequeue": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ Eq Ptn Mapping": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ Dq Ptn Mapping": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ Trnc mem free": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ Trnc mem free remote": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ Trnc mem free by LB": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ Trnc mem free by CP": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ Enq commit incarnation wrap": "Other",
"enq: RQ - AQ Rule evaluation segment load": "Other",
"AQ propagation connection": "Other",
"enq: DP - contention": "Other",
"enq: MH - contention": "Other",
"enq: ML - contention": "Other",
"enq: PH - contention": "Other",
"enq: SF - contention": "Other",
"enq: XH - contention": "Other",
"enq: WA - contention": "Other",
"Streams AQ: QueueTable kgl locks": "Other",
"AQ spill debug idle": "Other",
"AQ master shutdown": "Other",
"AQPC: new master": "Other",
"AQ Background Master: slave start": "Other",
"enq: AQ - QPT fg map dqpt": "Other",
"enq: AQ - QPT fg map qpt": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT add qpt": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT drop qpt": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT add dqpt": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT drop dqpt": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT add qpt fg": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT add dqpt fg": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT Trunc": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT LB Trunc sync": "Other",
"enq: PQ - QPT XSTART Trunc sync": "Other",
"AQ master: time mgmt/task cleanup": "Other",
"AQ slave: time mgmt/task cleanup": "Other",
"enq: BA - SUBBMAP contention": "Other",
"AQ:non durable subscriber add or drop": "Other",
"enq: CX - TEXT: Index Specific Lock": "Other",
"enq: OT - TEXT: Generic Lock": "Other",
"XDB SGA initialization": "Other",
"enq: XC - XDB Configuration": "Other",
"NFS read delegation outstanding": "Other",
"Data Guard Broker Wait": "Other",
"enq: RF - synch: DG Broker metadata": "Other",
"enq: RF - atomicity": "Other",
"enq: RF - synchronization: aifo master": "Other",
"enq: RF - new AI": "Other",
"enq: RF - synchronization: critical ai": "Other",
"enq: RF - RF - Database Automatic Disable": "Other",
"enq: RF - FSFO Observer Heartbeat": "Other",
"enq: RF - DG Broker Current File ID": "Other",
"enq: RF - FSFO Primary Shutdown suspended": "Other",
"enq: RF - Broker State Lock": "Other",
"enq: RF - FSFO string buffer": "Other",
"PX Deq: OLAP Update Reply": "Other",
"PX Deq: OLAP Update Execute": "Other",
"PX Deq: OLAP Update Close": "Other",
"OLAP Parallel Type Deq": "Other",
"OLAP Parallel Temp Grow Request": "Other",
"OLAP Parallel Temp Grow Wait": "Other",
"OLAP Parallel Temp Grew": "Other",
"OLAP Null PQ Reason": "Other",
"OLAP Aggregate Master Enq": "Other",
"OLAP Aggregate Client Enq": "Other",
"OLAP Aggregate Master Deq": "Other",
"OLAP Aggregate Client Deq": "Other",
"enq: AW - AW$ table lock": "Other",
"enq: AW - AW state lock": "Other",
"enq: AW - user access for AW": "Other",
"enq: AW - AW generation lock": "Other",
"enq: AG - contention": "Other",
"enq: AO - contention": "Other",
"enq: OQ - xsoqhiAlloc": "Other",
"enq: OQ - xsoqhiFlush": "Other",
"enq: OQ - xsoq*histrecb": "Other",
"enq: OQ - xsoqhiClose": "Other",
"enq: OQ - xsoqhistrecb": "Other",
"enq: IZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: AM - client registration": "Other",
"enq: AM - shutdown": "Other",
"enq: AM - rollback COD reservation": "Other",
"enq: AM - background COD reservation": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM cache freeze": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM ACD Relocation": "Other",
"enq: AM - group use": "Other",
"enq: AM - group block": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM File Destroy": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM User": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM Password File Update": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM Amdu Dump": "Other",
"enq: AM - disk offline": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM reserved": "Other",
"enq: AM - block repair": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM disk based alloc/dealloc": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM file descriptor": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM file relocation": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM SR relocation": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM Grow ACD": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM DD update SrRloc": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM file chown": "Other",
"enq: AM - Register with IOServer": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM metadata replication": "Other",
"enq: AM - SR slice Clear/Mark": "Other",
"enq: AM - Enable Remote ASM": "Other",
"enq: AM - Disable Remote ASM": "Other",
"enq: AM - Credential creation": "Other",
"enq: AM - Credential deletion": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM file access req": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM client operation": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM client check": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM ATB COD creation": "Other",
"enq: AM - Create default DG key in OCR": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM Audit file Delete": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM Audit file Cleanup": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM VAT migration": "Other",
"enq: AM - Update SR nomark flag": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM VAL cache": "Other",
"enq: AM - ASM SR Segment Reuse": "Other",
"ASM internal hang test": "Other",
"ASM Instance startup": "Other",
"buffer busy": "Other",
"buffer freelistbusy": "Other",
"buffer rememberlist busy": "Other",
"buffer writeList full": "Other",
"no free buffers": "Other",
"buffer write wait": "Other",
"buffer invalidation wait": "Other",
"buffer dirty disabled": "Other",
"ASM metadata cache frozen": "Other",
"enq: FZ - contention": "Other",
"enq: CM - gate": "Other",
"enq: CM - instance": "Other",
"enq: CM - diskgroup dismount": "Other",
"enq: XQ - recovery": "Other",
"enq: XQ - relocation": "Other",
"enq: XQ - purification": "Other",
"enq: AD - allocate AU": "Other",
"enq: AD - deallocate AU": "Other",
"enq: AD - relocate AU": "Other",
"enq: DO - disk online": "Other",
"enq: DO - disk online recovery": "Other",
"enq: DO - Staleness Registry create": "Other",
"enq: DO - startup of MARK process": "Other",
"extent map load/unlock": "Other",
"enq: XL - fault extent map": "Other",
"Sync ASM rebalance": "Other",
"Sync ASM discovery": "Other",
"enq: DG - contention": "Other",
"enq: DD - contention": "Other",
"enq: HD - contention": "Other",
"enq: DQ - contention": "Other",
"enq: DN - contention": "Other",
"Cluster stabilization wait": "Other",
"Cluster Suspension wait": "Other",
"ASM background starting": "Other",
"ASM db client exists": "Other",
"ASM file metadata operation": "Other",
"ASM network foreground exits": "Other",
"enq: XB - contention": "Other",
"enq: FA - access file": "Other",
"enq: RX - relocate extent": "Other",
"enq: RX - unlock extent": "Other",
"enq: AR - contention": "Other",
"enq: AH - contention": "Other",
"log write(odd)": "Other",
"log write(even)": "Other",
"checkpoint advanced": "Other",
"enq: FR - contention": "Other",
"enq: FR - use the thread": "Other",
"enq: FR - recover the thread": "Other",
"enq: FG - serialize ACD relocate": "Other",
"enq: FG - FG redo generation enq race": "Other",
"enq: FG - LGWR redo generation enq race": "Other",
"enq: FT - allow LGWR writes": "Other",
"enq: FT - disable LGWR writes": "Other",
"enq: FC - open an ACD thread": "Other",
"enq: FC - recover an ACD thread": "Other",
"enq: FX - issue ACD Xtnt Relocation CIC": "Other",
"rollback operations block full": "Other",
"rollback operations active": "Other",
"enq: RB - contention": "Other",
"ASM: MARK subscribe to msg channel": "Other",
"ASM: Send msg to MARK": "Other",
"call": "Other",
"enq: IC - IOServer clientID": "Other",
"enq: IF - file open": "Other",
"enq: IF - file close": "Other",
"enq: PT - contention": "Other",
"enq: PT - ASM Storage May Split": "Other",
"enq: PM - contention": "Other",
"ASM PST operation": "Other",
"global cache busy": "Other",
"lock release pending": "Other",
"dma prepare busy": "Other",
"GCS lock cancel": "Other",
"GCS lock open S": "Other",
"GCS lock open X": "Other",
"GCS lock open": "Other",
"GCS lock cvt S": "Other",
"GCS lock cvt X": "Other",
"GCS lock esc X": "Other",
"GCS lock esc": "Other",
"GCS recovery lock open": "Other",
"GCS recovery lock convert": "Other",
"kfcl: instance recovery": "Other",
"no free locks": "Other",
"lock close": "Other",
"enq: KE - contention": "Other",
"enq: KQ - access ASM attribute": "Other",
"ASM Volume Background": "Other",
"ASM volume directive send": "Other",
"ASM Volume Resource Action": "Other",
"enq: AV - persistent DG number": "Other",
"enq: AV - volume relocate": "Other",
"enq: AV - AVD client registration": "Other",
"enq: AV - add/enable first volume in DG": "Other",
"ASM: OFS Cluster membership update": "Other",
"ASM Scrubbing I/O": "Other",
"enq: WF - contention": "Other",
"enq: WT - contention": "Other",
"enq: WP - contention": "Other",
"enq: FU - contention": "Other",
"enq: MW - contention": "Other",
"AWR Flush": "Other",
"AWR Metric Capture": "Other",
"enq: TB - SQL Tuning Base Cache Update": "Other",
"enq: TB - SQL Tuning Base Cache Load": "Other",
"enq: SH - contention": "Other",
"enq: AF - task serialization": "Other",
"MMON slave messages": "Other",
"MMON (Lite) shutdown": "Other",
"enq: MO - contention": "Other",
"enq: TL - contention": "Other",
"enq: TH - metric threshold evaluation": "Other",
"enq: TK - Auto Task Serialization": "Other",
"enq: TK - Auto Task Slave Lockout": "Other",
"enq: RR - contention": "Other",
"WCR: RAC message context busy": "Other",
"WCR: capture file IO write": "Other",
"WCR: Sync context busy": "Other",
"latch: WCR: sync": "Other",
"latch: WCR: processes HT": "Other",
"enq: RA - RT ADDM flood control": "Other",
"enq: JS - contention": "Other",
"enq: JS - job run lock - synchronize": "Other",
"enq: JS - job recov lock": "Other",
"enq: JS - queue lock": "Other",
"enq: JS - sch locl enqs": "Other",
"enq: JS - q mem clnup lck": "Other",
"enq: JS - evtsub add": "Other",
"enq: JS - evtsub drop": "Other",
"enq: JS - wdw op": "Other",
"enq: JS - evt notify": "Other",
"enq: JS - aq sync": "Other",
"enq: XD - ASM disk drop/add": "Other",
"enq: XD - ASM disk ONLINE": "Other",
"enq: XD - ASM disk OFFLINE": "Other",
"cell worker online completion": "Other",
"cell worker retry ": "Other",
"cell manager cancel work request": "Other",
"opening cell offload device": "Other",
"ioctl to cell offload device": "Other",
"reap block level offload operations": "Other",
"CDB: Per Instance Query for PDB Info": "Other",
"enq: PB - PDB Lock": "Other",
"secondary event": "Other"}
self.load_profile_sec = ["DB Time", "DB CPU"]
self.load_profile_mb = ["Redo size", "Read IO", "Write IO", "W/A MB processed"]
self.load_profile_blk = ["Logical reads", "Physical reads", "Physical writes", "Block changes"]
self.load_profile_num = ["Read IO requests", "Write IO requests", "User calls", "Parses",
"Hard parses", "Logons", "Executes", "Rollbacks", "Transactions"]
self.load_profile_elems = self.load_profile_sec + \
self.load_profile_mb + self.load_profile_blk + self.load_profile_num
def get_class_name(self, event_name_short):
for event_name in self.event_class_name:
if event_name.startswith(event_name_short):
return self.event_class_name[event_name]
return "NONE"
def is_float(self, val):
x = float(val.replace(",", ""))
return True
return False
def plot(self):
snap_data = {}
snap_data_profile = {}
snap_data_cpu = {}
for fname in os.listdir(self.dirname):
if fname.endswith("txt") and fname.find(self.name_pattern) >= 0:
report_file = open(self.dirname + "/" + fname, "r").readlines()
wait_class_section = False
load_profile_section = False
host_cpu_section = False
event_class_wait_sum = {}
profile_pos = 0
for report_line in report_file:
report_line_words = report_line.split()
report_line_long_words = re.split("\s{2,}", report_line)
if report_line.find("Begin Snap:") >= 0:
date = report_line.split()[3] + " " + report_line.split()[4]
date = datetime.strptime(date, "%d-%b-%y %H:%M:%S").strftime("%Y%m%d:%H:%M")
date = date + " (" + report_line.split()[2] + ")"
snap_data[date] = {}
snap_data_profile[date] = {}
snap_data_cpu[date] = {}
elif report_line.find("DB time:") >= 0:
snap_data[date]["DB time"] = float(report_line_words[2].replace(",","")) * 60
elif report_line.startswith("Load Profile"):
load_profile_section = True
elif report_line.startswith("Wait Events (fg and bg) DB/Inst"):
wait_class_section = True
elif report_line.find("Host CPU") >= 0:
host_cpu_section = True
elif host_cpu_section and self.is_float(report_line_long_words[1]):
snap_data_cpu[date]["Begin"] = float(report_line_long_words[1])
snap_data_cpu[date]["End"] = float(report_line_long_words[2])
snap_data_cpu[date]["User"] = float(report_line_long_words[3])
snap_data_cpu[date]["System"] = float(report_line_long_words[4])
snap_data_cpu[date]["Idle"] = float(report_line_long_words[5])
snap_data_cpu[date]["WIO"] = float(report_line_long_words[6])
host_cpu_section = False
elif load_profile_section and len(report_line_long_words) > 2:
profile_pos += 1
if profile_pos >= 2:
load_elem = report_line.split(':')[0].split('(')[0].strip()
load_val = report_line.split(':')[1].split()[0].replace(",", "")
if load_elem in self.load_profile_elems:
if load_elem.startswith("Redo size"):
snap_data_profile[date][load_elem] = round(float(load_val) / 1024 / 1024, 2)
snap_data_profile[date][load_elem] = float(load_val)
elif report_line.startswith("Instance Efficiency Indicators"):
load_profile_section = False
elif wait_class_section and len(report_line_long_words) >= 5 \
and self.is_float(report_line_long_words[3]):
class_name = self.get_class_name(report_line_long_words[0])
if class_name not in ("NONE", "Other", "Idle"):
if event_class_wait_sum.get(class_name, -1) >= 0:
event_class_wait_sum[class_name] += float(report_line_long_words[3].replace("," ,""))
event_class_wait_sum[class_name] = float(report_line_long_words[3].replace(",", ""))
elif report_line.find("Wait Event Histogram DB/Inst:")>0 and wait_class_section:
wait_class_section = False
for class_name in self.event_classes:
snap_data[date][class_name] = event_class_wait_sum.get(class_name,0)
except BaseException as e:
data_x = sorted(snap_data.keys())
data_y = {}
data_y_profile_sec = {}
data_y_profile_mb = {}
data_y_profile_blk = {}
data_y_profile_num = {}
data_y_cpu = {}
for i in data_x:
for j in snap_data[i]:
data_y.setdefault(j, [])
for j in snap_data_profile[i]:
if j in self.load_profile_sec:
data_y_profile_sec.setdefault(j, [])
elif j in self.load_profile_mb:
data_y_profile_mb.setdefault(j, [])
elif j in self.load_profile_blk:
data_y_profile_blk.setdefault(j, [])
elif j in self.load_profile_num:
data_y_profile_num.setdefault(j, [])
for j in snap_data_cpu[i]:
data_y_cpu.setdefault(j, [])
fig = tools.make_subplots(
rows=6, cols=1, shared_xaxes=True,
subplot_titles=("Wait Event Class & DB Time (sec)", "Load Profile (DB/CPU)",
"Load Profile (I/O R/W, Redo, SQL Workarea)",
"Logical/Physical Reads/Writes, Block changes",
"I/O Requests, Calls, Parses, Logons, SQL Executes, Rollbacks, Transactions",
"Host CPU Average Load"))
fig['layout'].update(title='AWR ' + data_x[0] + " - " + data_x[-1])
for series in data_y:
# legendgroup='lg1'
), 1, 1)
for series in data_y_profile_sec:
# xaxis='x',
# legendgroup='lg2'
), 2, 1)
for series in data_y_profile_mb:
# xaxis='x',
# legendgroup='lg3'
), 3, 1)
for series in data_y_profile_blk:
# xaxis='x',
# legendgroup='lg4'
), 4, 1)
for series in data_y_profile_num:
# xaxis='x',
# legendgroup='lg5'
), 5, 1)
for series in data_y_cpu:
# xaxis='x',
# yaxis='y7' if series == 'Load' else 'y6',
# legendgroup='lg6'
), 6, 1)
# setting x/y axis above does not work, needs to be updated after fig.append_trace()
# fig['data'][30].update(yaxis='y7') # 'Load'
# fig['data'][len(fig['data'])-1].update(yaxis='y7') # 'Load'
py.plot(fig, filename=self.name_pattern + ".html")
if __name__ == '__main__':
if len(sys.argv) == 3:
sa = StatspackAnalyzer(sys.argv[1], sys.argv[2])
print("This script by Kamil Stawiarski (@ora600pl) is to help you with visualizing data from multiple "
"statpack reports. Special thanks to Piotr Wrzosek (@pewu78) for improving the charting layout")
print("python /path/to/reports/ pattern_to_filter_reports_by_name")
print("You have to install plotly first [pip install plotly]\n")
print("Details can be found on this blog: "
"and GitHub:")