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Hub-and-Spoke Network

A hub-and-spoke network (often called star topology) has a central component (the hub) that's connected to multiple networks around it, like a wheel. Implementing this topology in the traditional data center can be costly. But in the Oracle Cloud, there’s no extra cost.

For details of the architecture, see Set up a hub-and-spoke network topology.


  • Permission to manage the following types of resources in your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy: vcns, internet-gateways, route-tables, security-lists, local-peering-gateways, subnets, and instances.

  • Quota to create the following resources: 3 VCNS, 3 subnets, and 1 compute instance.

If you don't have the required permissions and quota, contact your tenancy administrator. See Policy Reference, Service Limits, Compartment Quotas.

Deploy Using Oracle Resource Manager

  1. Click Deploy to Oracle Cloud

    If you aren't already signed in, when prompted, enter the tenancy and user credentials.

  2. Review and accept the terms and conditions.

  3. Select the region where you want to deploy the stack.

  4. Follow the on-screen prompts and instructions to create the stack.

  5. After creating the stack, click Terraform Actions, and select Plan.

  6. Wait for the job to be completed, and review the plan.

    To make any changes, return to the Stack Details page, click Edit Stack, and make the required changes. Then, run the Plan action again.

  7. If no further changes are necessary, return to the Stack Details page, click Terraform Actions, and select Apply.

Deploy Using the Terraform CLI

Clone the Module

Create a local copy of this repository:

git clone
cd oci-arch-hub-spoke

Set Up and Configure Terraform

  1. Complete the prerequisites described here.

  2. Create a terraform.tfvars file, and specify the following variables:

# Authentication
tenancy_ocid         = "<tenancy_ocid>"
user_ocid            = "<user_ocid>"
fingerprint          = "<finger_print>"
private_key_path     = "<pem_private_key_path>"

# Region
region = "<oci_region>"

# Availablity Domain 
availablity_domain_name = "<availablity_domain_name>"

# Compartment
compartment_ocid = "<compartment_ocid>"

Create the Resources

Run the following commands:

terraform init
terraform plan
terraform apply

Destroy the Deployment

When you no longer need the deployment, you can run this command to destroy the resources:

terraform destroy

Architecture Diagram


Set up a hub-and-spoke network topology





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