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Graal Tools

Graal Tools suite provides tooling support for guest languages running on the graal platform. It depends on Truffle and is language-agnostic. The Tools are available to be used with any language written on Truffle and passing TCK tests.

Using Tools

The tools provided in this suite have options, that can be specified to command-line language launchers. Some tools have their APIs.

Setup and Build

Graal uses the MX build tool, which must be downloaded and put onto your PATH. Also, point JAVA_HOME to a labsjdk.

git clone
export PATH=$PWD/mx:$PATH
git clone
cd graal/tools
mx build
mx unittest

IDE Configuration

You can generate IDE project configurations by running:

mx ideinit

This will generate Eclipse, IntelliJ, and NetBeans project configurations.


You can contact the Truffle developers at mailing list. To contribute a change, verify it using

$ mx gate

and start a pull request.


The Tools are is licensed under the GPL 2 with Classpath exception.