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The polyglot API based Test Compatibility Kit


The test compatibility kit (TCK) is a collection of tests verifying the TruffleLanguage inter-operability and instrumentation. The TCK is based on the org.graalvm.polyglot API.

Adding a language

To test your language implement the LanguageProvider. The LanguageProviders are loaded using the java.util.ServiceLoader therefore you need to register your implementation in the META-INF/services/org.graalvm.polyglot.tck.LanguageProvider file. The LanguageProvider should provide the language data types, language expressions (operators) and language control flow statements represented as functions returning the data type or executing the operator (statement). To allow composition of the returned functions the parameter and return types have to be assigned to them using the Snippet.Builder. The LanguageProvider should also provide simple but representative scripts which the TCK can use to test instrumentation.

Running tests

The tests are executed using mx unitest. When running the tests all LanguageProviders in the primary suite and dependent suites are used. The truffle suite provides the java-host LanguageProvider creating java data types and Proxies to test java inter-operability.

To run just the TCK tests use:

mx unittest

or simply:

mx tck

To restrict the TCK tests to test certain language use the tck.language property. The following example tests JavaScript with data types from all available languages:

mx tck -Dtck.language=js

To restrict the data types to certain language use the tck.values property. The following example tests JavaScript with Java types:

mx tck -Dtck.values=java-host -Dtck.language=js

To run the TCK tests on the GraalVM it's enough to set the mx --java-home to point to the GraalVM:

mx --java-home=<path_to_graalvm> tck

To enable output and error output use the tck.verbose property:

mx tck -Dtck.verbose=true

To enable output and error output only for a certain test use the tck.{TestSimpleName}.verbose property:

mx tck -Dtck.ErrorTypeTest.verbose=true

You can also enable output and error output for all tests but one:

mx tck -Dtck.verbose=true -Dtck.ErrorTypeTest.verbose=false