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This release is a feature release and adds support for MicroProfile 3.0 and
support for Hibernate as a JPA provider. It also includes a number of additional
bug fixes and enhancements.

Note: MicroProfile 3.0 breaks compatibility with MicroProfile 2.2 -- specifically
in the area of Metrics. Since Helidon 1.3 continues to support MicroProfile 2.2
your applications that depend on the MicroProfile 2.2 APIs should continue to work
when you upgrade to Helidon 1.3. But when you switch to MicroProfile 3.0 you will
likely need to change code that uses the MicroProfile Metrics API. For more
information see sections 6.5 and Chapter 7 of

As part of this release we are also deprecating APIs for possible removal
in a future release. Please see the Deprecations section below.


  • MicroProfile 3.0
  • MicroProfile Metrics 2.0.1 992
  • MicroProfile REST Client 1.3 1010
  • Security: New SecureUserStore 989
  • Security: Allow injection of Security through CDI 986
  • Security: Jersey client: propagate SecurityContext automatically 943
  • JPA: Add Hibernate support 894
  • OpenAPI: Support admin port 999
  • Health check endpoint can now be disabled 990
  • Introduce parent poms for applications to reduce Maven boilerplate 1022
  • Documentation: new guides 898 890 918 925 942 959 961 974 987 996 1011 1008
  • Helidon bare archetypes 950 995


  • Upgrade Jersey to 2.29.1 1010
  • Upgrade Jackson databind to 969
  • GraalVM: Support static content for Graal native-image 962
  • GraalVM: Support for Jersey in Graal native-image 985
  • Fix NullPointerException in ConfigCdiExtension; repairs erroneous private constructors in JPA and JTA integrations 1005
  • Config: Fix precedence for explicit sys prop and env var sources 1002
  • bom/pom.xml cleanup 980
  • TracerBuilder now uses Helidon service loader 967
  • Reactive utilities 1003
  • Tests: improve AccessLogSupportTest and fix test with locales other than en_US 998
  • Documentation: javadoc cleanup 993 997


The following APIs are deprecated and will be removed in a future release:

  • MicroProfile 2.2 and earlier. Use MicroProfile 3.0.
  • The @SecureClient annotation. Security propagation is now automatic across the MicroProfile and Jersey REST clients.
  • UserStore in basic authentication. Replaced by SecureUserStore.
  • All methods that use Span in Webserver APIs (and Security etc.). Use SpanContext instead.
  • All methods that provide general health checks and not readiness or liveness checks. For example
    use HealthSupportBuilder.addLiveness() instead of HealthSupportBuilder.add()
  • io.helidon.common.reactive.SubmissionPublisher
  • The io.helidon.service.configuration package.
  • The io.helidon.common.reactive.valve package.
  • Any other classes and methods that have been annotated as deprecated.