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@barchetta barchetta released this Feb 4, 2020 · 21 commits to master since this release


This is the first milestone release of Helidon 2.0. It contains significant new features, enhancements and fixes. It also contains backward incompatible changes (see section below ). This milestone release is provided for customers that want early access to Helidon 2.0. It should be considered unstable and is not intended for production use. APIs and features might not be fully tested and are subject to change. Documentation is incomplete. Those looking for a stable release should use a 1.4 release.

Notable changes:

  • New Helidon DB Client
  • Preliminary GraalVM native-image support for Helidon MP (in addition
    to existing support for Helidon SE)
  • Improved discovery and handling of JAX-RS applications
  • Dropped Java 8 support and moved to Java 11 APIs


  • Helidon DB Client 657 1329
  • Native image: Helidon MP support 1328 1295 1259
  • Security: Basic auth and OIDC in MP native image 1330
  • Security: JWT and OIDC security providers now support groups claim. 1324
  • Support for Helidon Features 1240
  • Java 11: 1232 1187 1222 1346


  • JAX-RS: Better recovery for invalid URLs and content types 1246
  • JAX-RS: Fix synthetic app creation + functional test. 1323
  • Config: replace reflection with service loader 1102
  • Config: now uses common media type module instead of FileTypeDetector. 1332
  • JPA: Permit non-XA DataSources to take part in JTA transactions 1316
  • JPA: Fixes an issue with multiple persistence units 1342
  • JPA: Address several rollback-related issues 1146
  • JPA: Relax requirements on container-managed persistence units which can now be resource-local 1243
  • OpenAPI: Support multiple jandex files on the classpath 1320
  • Security: Fixed issues with IDCS and OIDC provider. 1313
  • Security: Removed support for entity modification from security. 1263
  • Security: Allow usage of exceptions for security in Jersey. 1227
  • Security: Outbound with OIDC provider no longer causes an UnsupportedOperationE… 1226
  • gRPC: Minor changes 1299
  • Quickstart: Fix application jar class-path for SNAPSHOT versioned dependencies 1297
  • Use Helidon service loader. 1334
  • Fix optional files in bare archetypes. (#1250) 1321
  • Make Multi streams compatible with Reactive Streams 1260
  • Remove Valve 1279
  • IDE support: Missing requires of JAX-RS API 1271
  • Metrics: fix unable to find reusable metric with tags 1244
  • Support for lazy values and changed common modules to use it. 1228
  • Upgrade jacoco to version 0.8.5 to avoid jdk11 issue 1281
  • Upgrade tracing libraries 1230
  • Upgrade config libraries 1159
  • Upgrade Netty to 4.1.45 1309
  • Upgrade Google libraries for Google login provider. 1229
  • Upgrade H2, HikariCP, Jedis, OCI SDK versions 1198
  • Upgrade reactor to 3.3.1-RELEASE 1235
  • Upgrade to FT 2.0.2 and Failsafe 2.2.3 1204

Backward incompatible changes

In order to stay current with dependencies, and also refine our APIs we have introduced some backward incompatible changes in this release. Most of the changes are mechanical in nature (changing package names, changing GAV coordinates, etc) and apply mostly to Helidon SE. Please see the 2.0.0-M1 CHANGELOG for details.

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