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Helidon DB Client Pokemon Example with JDBC

This example shows how to run Helidon DB Client over JDBC.

Application provides REST service endpoint with CRUD operations on Pokemnons database.


Database model contains two tables:


Column Type Integrity
id integer Primary key
name varchar  


Column Type Integrity
id integer Primary key
name varchar  
id_type integer Type(id)

with 1:N relationship between Types and Pokemons


cd <project_root>/examples/dbclient/pokemons
mvn package


This example requires a MySQL database, start it using docker:

docker run --rm --name mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root \
       -e MYSQL_DATABASE=pokemon -e MYSQL_USER=user -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=password  mysql:5.7

Then run the io.helidon.examples.dbclient.pokemons.PokemonMain class:

cd <project_root>/examples/dbclient/pokemons
java -jar target/helidon-examples-dbclient-pokemons.jar

Run with MongoDB

It's possible to run example with MongoDB database. Start it using docker:

docker run --rm --name mongo -p 27017:27017 mongo

Then run the io.helidon.examples.dbclient.pokemons.PokemonMain class with mongo argument:

cd <project_root>/examples/dbclient/pokemons
java -jar target/helidon-examples-dbclient-pokemons.jar mongo

Test Example

The application has the following endpoints:

Application also connects to zipkin on default address. The query operation adds database trace.

curl commands:

  • curl http://localhost:8079/db/type | json_pp - list all pokemon types in the database
  • curl http://localhost:8079/db/pokemon | json_pp - list all pokemons in the database
  • curl http://localhost:8079/db/pokemon/2 | json_pp - get a single pokemon by id
  • curl http://localhost:8079/db/pokemon/name/Squirtle | json_pp - get a single pokemon by name
  • curl -i -X POST -d '{"id":7,"name":"Rattata","idType":1}' http://localhost:8079/db/pokemon - add a new pokemon Rattata
  • curl -i -X PUT -d '{"id":7,"name":"Raticate","idType":2}' http://localhost:8079/db/pokemon - rename pokemon with id 7 to Raticate
  • curl -i -X DELETE http://localhost:8079/db/pokemon/7 - delete pokemon with id 7


Make sure that localhost is not being accessed trough proxy when proxy is configured on your system:

export NO_PROXY='localhost'
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