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Oracle Application Express: Developing Database Web Applications

Hands-On-Labs Guide

This series of hands-on labs are part of the course material Oracle Application Express: Developing Database Web Applications. The labs are designed to teach you how to build applications using Oracle Application Express. The primary vehicle for teaching is a single use case which is expanded on with each lab.


The steps and screenshots in this hands-on-labs use Oracle Application Express 5.1.

To run these hands-on-labs, you need to:

  • Obtain an Oracle Application Express Workspace and a Workspace Administrator /Developer user account. Select the most appropriate option from those listed below to obtain a Workspace:

  • Download the lab source files from GitHub Page. Alternatively, download the apex-curriculum-3681867.zip file from https://apex.oracle.com/education and then extract the apex-curriculum-labs folder into your working directory. The apex-curriculum-3681867.zip file also includes the apex-curriculum-ppts folder. This folder contains the slide decks for all of the lessons in this course material. Note that the slide decks for the lessons are not hosted on this GitHub page.


  • The Lab documentation is best viewed by using the HOL's GitHub Pages Website URL. Once you are viewing the HOL's GitHub Pages website, you can see a list of Lab Guides at any time by clicking on the Menu Icon

  • To view the Lab Guide source, go to the github oracle repository.

  • To log issues, go to the github oracle repository and log an issue first.

  • Steps to contribute translated material:

    1. Go to the github oracle repository and log an issue first. See Contributing guidelines. Alternatively, you can send an email to the mailing list:oracle-application-express_ww@oracle.com with the subject "Oracle APEX-GitHub Request".
    2. You are then added as a contributor to this GitHub repository.
    3. Upon acceptance, these contributions are pulled and merged with the github oracle repository.

Hands-on Overview

Documentation: hol_overview_v1.0.2.md

Unit 1: Getting Started with Oracle Application Express

Documentation: hol01_v1.0.2.md


  • Log in to Oracle APEX environment
  • Navigating through the Major Components of Oracle APEX
  • Installing and Running a Packaged Application

Unit 2: Using SQL Workshop

Documentation: hol01_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 2-1: Loading the Tables and Data
  • HOL 2-2: Creating a Lookup Table

Unit 3: Creating a Database Application

Documentation: hol03_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 3-1: Creating a Database Application from Scratch
  • HOL 3-2: Creating a Database Application from a Spreadsheet
  • HOL 3-3: Creating a Websheet Application

Unit 4: Managing Pages in Page Designer

Documentation: hol04_v1.0.2.md


  • Creating a Dashboard
  • Reviewing Page Designer
  • Editing page components in Page Designer

Unit 5: Developing Reports

Documentation: hol05_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 5-1: Creating a Classic Report
  • HOL 5-2: Creating an Interactive Report
  • HOL 5-3: Creating an Interactive Grid

Unit 6: Managing and Customizing Interactive Reports

Documentation: hol06_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 6-1: Using an Interactive Report
  • HOL 6-2: Customizing an Interactive Report as a Developer

Unit 7: Managing and Customizing Interactive Grids

Documentation: hol07_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 7-1: Customizing the Team Members Interactive Grid
  • HOL 7-2: Customizing the Projects Interactive Grid
  • HOL 7-3: Customizing the Milestones Interactive Grid
  • HOL 7-4: Customizing the Tasks Interactive Grid
  • HOL 7-5: Customizing an Interactive Grid as a Developer
  • HOL 7-6: Customizing an Interactive Grid as an End User

Unit 8: Creating and Using Forms

Documentation: hol08_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 8-1: Updating the Form Pages in the Demo Projects Application
  • HOL 8-2: Creating a Form on a Table and Linking a Report

Unit 9: Creating Application Page Controls

Documentation: hol09_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 9-1: Updating the Team Members Pages
  • HOL 9-2: Updating the Projects Pages
  • HOL 9-3: Updating the Milestones Pages
  • HOL 9-4: Updating the Tasks Pages

Unit 10: Adding Computations, Processes, and Validations

Documentation: hol10_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 10-1: Implementing Validations on the Maintain Project Page
  • HOL 10-2: Creating and Using a Computation
  • HOL 10-3: Creating and Using a Process
  • HOL 10-4: Creating and Using Validations

Unit 11: Implementing Navigation in your Application

Documentation: hol11_v1.0.2.md


  • Updating the Breadcrumb Entries for the Team Members, Projects, Milestones, and Tasks pages
  • Updating the Navigation Menu Entries and Including Icons

Unit 12: Using Themes and Theme Styles

Documentation: hol12_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 12-1: Updating the Navigation List
  • HOL 12-2: Updating the Team Members Pages
  • HOL 12-3: Creating and Using Theme Styles

Unit 13: Implementing Security in your Application

Documentation: hol13_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 13-1: Creating and Using an Authorization Scheme
  • HOL 13-2: Creating and Using an Authentication Scheme
  • HOL 13-3: Controlling User Access by Using the Access Control Administration

Unit 14: Adding Additional Pages to your Application

Documentation: hol14_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 14-1: Creating and Customizing a Calendar
  • HOL 14-2: Adding the Project Tasks Chart
  • HOL 14-3: Adding the Project Milestones Chart
  • HOL 14-4: Adding the Project Leads Chart
  • HOL 14-5: Adding the Project Tree

Unit 15: Creating and Using Dynamic Actions and Plug-ins

Documentation: hol15_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 15-1: Creating and Using a Dynamic Action on the Maintain Project Page
  • HOL 15-2: Creating and Using a Dynamic Action on the Maintain Task Page
  • HOL 15-3: Creating and Using Dynamic Actions on the Project Tree Page
  • HOL 15-4: Creating and Using a Plug-in
  • HOL 15-5: Updating the Home Page

Unit 16: Migrating Application Development Between Environments

Documentation: hol16_v1.0.2.md


  • HOL 16-1: Importing an Application
  • HOL 16-2: Migrating your Application Development Between Environments