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Designing an API

Using Oracle Apiary which is a part of Oracle API Platform Cloud Service, you can design an API using either API Blueprint or Swagger/OpenAPI. This tutorial walks through the design process and also provides a pre-created API Blueprint to accelerate the creation of the serviceTickets API.

Before you begin

  • You need to have an account on Apiary. You can sign up for a free developer account at

Creating the API Design

Log into Apiary

Point your browser to and sign in. You may see the sample API that was created when you signed up.

Create a new API Project

Click on the project name in the upper-left side and select Create New API Project

Name your new API Project

You can call the API ticketService to follow along with the demo scenario, but really you are free to choose whatever name you like. Just remember your choice as the guides will refer to it as ticketService!

  1. You can leave this as a Personal API
  2. If you are a member of an Apiary team, you have the option of making the API private.
  3. You can choose API Blueprint or Swagger. For this example, API Blueprint is used.

You will find that the API was created with the "Polls" API created as a template. This is just to provide you with guidance to help jump-start your work.

Use the ticketService API Blueprint as your reference. Rather than type everything by hand, you can open it in an editor, copy it and past it over the "Polls" sample in the Apiary editor

This tutorial will not walk through each step of the API Blueprint, but take some time to compare the API Blueprint on the left-hand side with the automatically generated documentation on the right. You can try changing some of the blueprint to see the changes reflected on the right.

Make sure to click Save

Learn more

The Apiary design editor provides a rich experience for designing, collaborating and understanding the contract for an API. Learn more with the following resource(s):

Use the Mock Server to prototype your design

When you create your design in Apiary, you get interactive documentation automatically generated, but there is also a mock server that is created for you! The mock server helps you to prototype your design by a working end-point that you can use.

Reminder: Make sure you have saved your design

Every time you click Save, Apiary generates a mock-server based on your design. Using your interactive documentation, you can now test the design.

Test in the Apiary Console

  1. Under the Tickets Collection in the interactive documentation, click the List All Tickets
  2. The code example should be selected. Make sure Mock Server is selected, and choose the Language of your choice.
    You may switch between the different languages to see examples of how to call the API.
  3. After reviewing, click the Try button
  4. You will see options to set various parameters and headers, etc, but in this case just confirm that Mock Server is selected and click the Call Resource button.
  5. After the resource executes, scroll down to review the response from the mock server.

Extra Credit

Use your favorite REST client to call the mock server end-point that displays in the Example and Console windows

Learn more

The Apiary Mock Server is a powerful feature that allows your team to test the API design in order to make sure the correct API is being developed at all times. Learn more with the following resource(s):


In this tutorial you learned the following:

  • How to design an API in Oracle Apiary
  • How Interactive Documentation is produced from the API design
  • How to use the Mock Server that is automatically generated from the API design
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