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Releases: oracle/opengrok


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  • removed the "optimization" (a.k.a. reduction of index segments to 1) step at the end of indexing
    • improves indexer performance
    • one can still perform this operation using the --reduceSegmentCount indexer option
      • Lucene documentation recommends this is only done for indexes that are to be archived and made read-only
      • the option might go away in the future (to be replaced with tunables for Lucene segment merging)
  • the Docker image now has SSH client
    • so the repositories can have ssh:// URI
      • one has to make sure the SSH authentication works in the container
  • usename/password is now configurable on project level
    • this is currently used only for Subversion repositories
    • the Subversion related environment variables were removed
  • thread names now have common prefix
    • this is useful for debugging or observing indexer/webapp (e.g. via jstack or such)
  • avoid reopening index directory for various operations
    • should improve performance of the webapp a bit


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  • added API endpoints for querying project group properties
  • added debug logs (at FINEST level) to the webapp for root causing greyed out history/annotate links in the UI
  • made 'H A D' link display (in directory listing and search results) consistent with the minisearch bar
    • so that if History link is greyed out, the 'H' link will not be present; similarly for Annotate and 'A'
  • improved incoming changes detection for Git in the opengrok-mirror tool


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  • fix opengrok-deploy so that it can create all path components
  • avoid warning on empty index directory when performing index check


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  • history based reindex
    • this should speed up indexing of projects that consist solely of Git/Mercurial repositories. The history and history cache have to be enabled.
  • fix CVS history parsing


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  • add the ability to strip outgoing changesets in opengrok-mirror with --strip-outgoing command line option and strip_outgoing configuration directive (global and/or per project)
  • fix handling of RESTful API errors in the Python tools


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  • fix handling of the repo repository type in opengrok-mirror
  • fix author parsing for CSSC
  • fix timeout default for opengrok-sync


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  • more strict configuration syntax check for opengrok-sync
  • fix async API call handling for Python tools
  • fix SCCS date parsing to include time


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  • use negative cache for LdapUserPlugin
  • if the last revision cannot be retrieved from the index, try to get it from history cache and only then fall back to the repository method
  • more RESTful API endpoints were converted to asynchronous
    • notably the /{project}/indexed endpoint


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  • better UTF-8 detection in plain text files
  • asynchronous RESTful API support
    • added connectTimeout and apiTimeout indexer tunables/command line switches