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Comparison with Similar Tools

Vladimir Kotal edited this page Apr 11, 2023 · 15 revisions

Disclaimer: this table might be obsolete, if you think it needs adjusting go ahead and modify the wiki page.

Feature LXR ctags cscope ViewVC GNU GLOBAL OpenGrok Woboq
Full text Search Y Y Y Y
Definition Search P Y Y Y Y Y
Identifier Search Y Y Y Y Y
Path search Y Y Y Y Y
History Search Y
Caller/Callee Search Y P
RegExp Search Y Y P (only wildcards)
Shows matching lines Y Y Y Y
Hierarchical Search Y Y
query syntax like AND, OR, field: Y
Incremental update P Y Y
RSS Feed Y Y
Syntax highlighting-Xref Y P Y Y
Interface for SCM Y Y Y
open source Y Y Y Y Y Y
Usable URLs Y N/A N/A Y Y Y
Individual file download N/A N/A Y N/A Y
Changes at directory level N/A N/A P N/A Y
Multi language support P Y P N/A Y Y
Static HTML Y P (for xrefs) Y
Input completion Y P (with greasemonkey script)
Built-in parser Y Y Y P (lexical analysis)
Plug-in parser Y
Integration with (exuberant) ctags N/A Y Y
Integration with cscope N/A Y
Integration with emacs Y Y Y Y
Integration with vim Y Y Y P (through
Integration with doxygen Y
Integration with Netbeans
Integration with Eclipse Y
Integration with less Y Y
Integration with bash Y
Integration with idutils Y
Integration with Elvis Y Y


  • Y : Yes the feature is present
  • P : the feature may be partly present
  • N/A : not applicable