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OpenGrok provides:

  • A fast search engine for programs, that can:
    • search for full text, definitions, symbols, path and revision history
    • limit searches to any subtree (hierarchical search)
    • incrementally update its index. i.e update only the changed files since last time it was updated
    • search query with Google like syntax (eg. path:Makefile defs:target)
    • search for files modified within a date range
    • search using wild cards like * (many characters) or ? (one character)
    • show the matching lines in search results
  • A read-only web interface for version control systems like Mercurial, CVS, SVN, SCCS or TeamWare that provides:
    • history log of a file
    • diffs between any two revision in formats like udiffs, sdiffs
    • cumulative history of a given directory (putback-log) also in RSS format
  • Online cross-reference with syntax high lighting, highly customizable look and feel using CSS stylesheets
  • Plugins can be written for new programing language or revision control systems
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