Supported Languages and Formats

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This page lists which file formats are supported by OpenGrok. This largely depends on the support in both Exuberant ctags and OpenGrok analyzers.

The following table lists all supported formats and OpenGrok version in which they have been introduced(the version might not be released yet, so you need to build trunk):

File format Version File suffixes
Ada 1.1 "ADA","ADB","ADS"
bzip2 0.3.1 "BZ","BZ2"
C 0.3.1 "C","H","I","L","Y","LEX","YACC","D","S","XS","X"
C++ 0.3.1 "CPP","HPP","CC","C++","HH","CXX","HXX","TXX"
C# 0.11 CS
Clojure 0.XXX "CLJ","CLJS","CLJX"
Erlang 0.13 "ERL", "HRL", "ESCRIPT"
Eiffel 1.1 "E"
Fortran 0.XXX "F","F90","INC"
generic data 0.XXX "BDF","XPM","PS","AFM","PDF"
Go 0.13 "GO"
gzip 0.3.1 "GZ"
Haskell 0.13 "HS", "HSC"
Java 0.XXX "JAVA"
Java archive 0.XXX "JAR","WAR","EAR"
Java class 0.XXX "CLASS"
Java script 0.11 "JS"
Kotlin 1.1 "KT","KTS"
Lisp 0.XXX "LISP","LSP","EL","SCM"
Lua 1.XXX "LUA"
Pascal 1.XXX "PAS"
Perl 0.10 "PL","PLX","PERL","PH","PM"
PHP 0.11 "PHP","PHP3","PHP4","PHPS","PHTML"
plaintext 0.XXX
PowerShell 1.1 "PS1","PSM1"
Python 0.10 "PY"
Ruby 1.1 "RB","RUBY"
Rust 1.XXX "RS"
Scala 0.12 "SCALA"
Shell 0.XXX "SH","KSH","KSHLIB","CSH","BASH","RUBY","RB","P5","AWK","GMK","CONF","COM","SPEC","FLG","XCL"
PLSQL 0.12 "PLS","PKS","PLD","PLB","PKB","PCK"
Swift 1.1 "SWIFT"
tar 0.3.1 "TAR"
Tcl 0.XXX "TCL","TM","TK","WISH","EXP","TCLX","ITCL","ITK"
troff 0.XXX
Visual basic 0.XXX "VB","CLS","CTL","BAS","FRM","VBS"
zip 0.3.1 "ZIP"

Note: 0.3.1 is the initial import version of OpenGrok into the original Mercurial repository back in days.

The SUFFIXES can be found in the * files in OpenGrok repository.

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