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This directory contains samples for cx_Oracle.

  1. The schemas and SQL objects that are referenced in the samples can be created by running the SQL script sql/SetupSamples.sql. The syntax is:

     sqlplus / as sysdba @sql/SetupSamples.sql

    The script will create users pythondemo and pythoneditions and will create an edition called python_e1.

    If you wish to change the names of the users or the name of the edition you can edit the file sql/SampleEnv.sql. You will also need to edit the file or set environment variables as documented in it.

  2. Run a Python script, for example:

  3. After running cx_Oracle samples, the schemas and SQL objects can be dropped by running the SQL script sql/DropSamples.sql. The syntax is

     sqlplus / as sysdba @sql/DropSamples.sql