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WebLogic Image Tool 1.10.1

@ddsharpe ddsharpe released this
· 34 commits to main since this release
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ALERT: Oracle OPatch intends to remove the usage of the recommended flag such that only the latest version is "recommended". After the removal of that flag occurs, previous versions of the Image Tool will no longer be able to find the "recommended" OPatch version to download. This release, 1.10.1, selects the latest version of OPatch when applying patches and does not depend on the recommended flag.

Additional features in this release:

  • Added support for Alpine images in createAuxImage.
  • Added support for both uppercase and lowercase proxy environment variables.

Bugs addressed in this release:

  • Added check to creation of Auxiliary image for existence of users and groups in BusyBox type images.
  • Fixed bug preventing the environment variable no_proxy from being passed to the container build step.
  • The oracle group will always be added to the OS groups during a create to allow images to be extended with domains using the defaults when the original image was created with different OS group using --chown.
  • Selection of the OPatch version to use based on the ARU recommended flag was removed at the request of the Oracle OPatch team.