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An Ingress per domain chart

This chart is for deploying an Ingress resource in front of a WebLogic domain cluster. We support two Ingress types: Traeafik and Voyager.


  • Have Docker and a Kubernetes cluster running and have kubectl installed and configured.
  • Have Helm installed.
  • The corresponding Ingress controller, Traefik or Voyager, is installed in the Kubernetes cluster.
  • A WebLogic domain cluster deployed by weblogic-operator is running in the Kubernetes cluster.

Installing the chart

To install the chart with the release name, my-ingress, with the given values.yaml:

# Change directory to the cloned git weblogic-kubernetes-operator repo.
$ cd kubernetes/samples/charts

# Use helm to install the chart.  Use `--namespace` to specify the name of the WebLogic domain's namespace.
$ helm install ingress-per-domain --name my-ingress --namespace my-domain-namespace --values values.yaml

The Ingress resource will be created in the same namespace as the WebLogic domain cluster.

Sample values.yaml for the Traefik Ingress:


# WLS domain as backend to the load balancer
  domainUID: domain1
  clusterName: cluster1
  managedServerPort: 8001

# Traefik specific values
  # hostname used by host-routing

Sample values.yaml for the Voyager Ingress:


# WLS domain as backend to the load balancer
  domainUID: domain1
  clusterName: cluster1  
  managedServerPort: 8001

# Voyager specific values
  # web port
  webPort: 30305
  # stats port
  statsPort: 30315

Uninstalling the chart

To uninstall and delete the my-ingress deployment:

$ helm delete --purge my-ingress


The following table lists the configurable parameters of this chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
type Type of Ingress controller. Legal values are TRAEFIK or VOYAGER. TRAEFIK
wlsDomain.domainUID DomainUID of the WLS domain. domain1
wlsDomain.clusterName Cluster name in the WLS domain. cluster-1
wlsDomain.managedServerPort Port number of the managed servers in the WLS domain cluster. 8001
traefik.hostname Hostname to route to the WLS domain cluster.
voyager.webPort Web port to access the Voyager load balancer. 30305
voyager.statsPort Port to access the Voyager/HAProxy stats page. 30315

Note: The input values domainUID and clusterName will be used to generate the Kubernetes serviceName of the WLS cluster with the format domainUID-cluster-clusterName.