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美卡币, 您的全球货币 / bullyon, Your Global Currency

关于美卡币 / About bullyon

美卡币是一种新型的分散型网络货币。 美卡币不是由任何一个国家铸造或印刷出来的,而是来自世界各地的用户。 在世界的各个角落,只要有互联网存在的地方,你都可以发送或接收美卡币,即便是在外太空。 相比较传统货币而言,使用美卡币的规则少之甚少。 为了防止通胀,网络预期将生产4200万个美卡币。 用户通过设定的速度来开采美卡币,这个时间可以持续到未来的几十年。 你可以通过免费挖矿或在交易场所交易来获得美卡币。 http://美卡币.com/

bullyon is a new type of decentralized currency. Not minted or endorsed by any nation, but by users across the globe.
Anywhere there is internet, you can send or receive bullyons. Even in outer space.
There are very little rules for bullyon.
To prevent inflation only a limited supply of 42 million bullyons will ever exist.
bullyons are mined by users at a set rate for decades into the future.
You can get bullyons for free by mining or trading for them on an exchange.

入门指导 / Get Started

美卡币是一个全球性的项目,所以每个人都是可以参与的。 通过本地编码然后提交git,申请加入。 美卡币社区支持、 讨论与指南请登录: http://美卡币.com/

bullyon is a global project without bounds, so everyone is welcome to join. Developers can join by coding locally then submitting a git pull request. Community support, discussion and guides are found at:

美卡币许可证 / bullyon License

bullyon is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see

美卡币软件许可证,参阅麻省理工学院许可证条款。更多信息详情, 请参阅 '复制'文件。