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Cassandra BOSH release

This BOSH Release allows you to easily roll-out and maintain Cassandra clusters, with the power of BOSH.

In the deployment/ directory, you'll find BOSH 2.0 deployment manifests and operations files. They cover:

  • Cloud Foundry integration, with Service Broker deployment, sanity tests & registration.

  • Integration with the SHIELD backup solution (v7 and v8).

  • Support for client-server TLS encryption and server-side inter-nodes mutual TLS.

  • BOSH-Lite support and other goodies for release authors.


You need to ensure your BOSH director has post-deploy scripts enabled. This is usually the case with standard bosh-deployment. See the post-deploy documentation for more information about this.


Provided that you have a properly targeted BOSH director, here is how you would deploy a Cassandra cluster:

git clone
cd cassandra-boshrelease

bosh create-release
bosh upload-release

>> depl-state.yml; chmod 600 depl-state.yml # just making sure the secrets are not readable by everyone

bosh -d cassandra deploy deployment/cassandra.yml \
    --vars-file deployment/default-vars.yml \
    --vars-store depl-state.yml

In a Cloud Foundry environment, here is how you deploy the Cassandra cluster with its Service Broker, and how you would register the latter to Cloud Foundry:

bosh -d cassandra deploy deployment/cassandra.yml \
    --vars-file deployment/default-vars.yml \
    -o deployment/operations/cf-service-broker.yml \
    --vars-store depl-state.yml

bosh -d cassandra run-errand broker-registrar

Deployment manifests

BOSH 2.0 manifests

See the documentation in the cassandra-deployment repository.

BOSH 1.0 manifests

Example BOSH 1.0 manifests can be found in th manifests/ subdirectory. These are not ready-to-use manifests. They are meant to be examples only.

Notes on backuping with SHIELD

The SHIELD v7 and v8 cassandra plugins are designed to help you backup your Cassandra cluster, one keyspace at a time.

As a result of the backup strategy implemented by the SHIELD plugin, extra space is required on the persistent disk. As a rule of the thumb, you should provide twice the persistent storage required for your data.

You'll find further information on backuping Cassandra with SHIELD in the deployment manifests documentation.

Cassandra admin tools

These tools can be installed on Cassandra nodes by an optional BOSH Job, that you can opt in with the admin-tools.yml operations file.

Running Nodetool/CQL-sh/Cassandra-Stress

If you are SSH'ed into the cassandra VM and need to run the standard cqlsh, nodetool, sstableloader utilities, wrapper scripts are provided by the cassandra-admin-tools optional job for convenience.

cd /var/vcap/jobs/cassandra-admin-tools/bin

To run the nodetool utility, run this command:


To run the cqlsh CLI, run this command:


Cleanup/Removing snapshot

When a keyspace is deleted/dropped cassandra takes a snapshot of the keyspace for security/backup purpose. if you wish to remove the snapshot you will have to do it manually by running this command:

cd /var/vcap/jobs/cassandra-admin-tools/bin
./ clearsnapshot