This ARISC firmware uses by Orange Pi boards to help LinuxCNC/Machinekit make a real-time GPIO manipulations
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It's free firmware for the Allwinner H3 SoC's co-processor (ARISC)

  • This firmware uses to make a real-time GPIO pulses generation and counting.
  • This firmware can be used for the any CNC applications - STEP/DIR and PWM generation, ABZ encoders counting.

How to build?

  • You'll need any Linux OS and a custom toolchain.
  • Download the toolchain binaries from here -
  • Unpack toolchain binary files into the /opt/toolchains/or1k-elf folder
  • Clone this repo to any folder: $ git clone
  • Build the firmware by the make all command

How to use?

  • You'll need any Orange Pi board with Alwinner H3 SoC and any Linux OS built by armbian. SD images can be found here -, and here -
  • Copy arisc-fw.code binary file and all files from repo's folder /loader into the /boot folder of your Armbian OS.
  • Restart your Orange Pi board.
  • Clone arisc linux API repo to any folder of your Armbian OS: $ git clone
  • Build arisc linux API by the make all command
  • Run arisc linux API: $ ./arisc