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Linux/OS X Windows

Orange is a statically typed, multi-paradigm (imperative, object-oriented) systems programming language with a focus on high productivity and extendability.


  • Be Productive. Provide a simple syntax for writing code quickly and make it easy to download and install project dependencies. Provide strict type checking to make sure basic type errors can’t happen.
  • Be Extendible. Allow developers to extend new interfaces to existing types, and allow creating/using compiler extensions that can add new language features or code checks.
  • Be Flexible. Combine the extendability and productivity to make Orange suitable for any kind of development, from embedded programming to high-level applications like web servers.



Building on OS X, Linux, and Windows are supported. Make sure to install go and then simply run the following command:

$ go get -u


Orange has a Gitter. Come say hi! Feel free to open any issues on Github about questions, suggestions, or bugs. We also have a Google Group open to the public.


All pull requests, questions, and suggestions are welcome. Orange is in early development, and all planned code is documented in the issues. Feel free to claim any of the issues or contribute in any other way you'd like!