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#ifndef COND_H
#define COND_H
#include "CORE.h"
* Condtional Expressions
* ----------------------
* !!! Warning !!!
* Both sides of the conditional will
* be fully evaluated. The preprocessor
* will THEN pick which side to use.
* It is important to take this into
* account because evaluating an errorous
* expression on the FALSE side will crash
* the preprocessor even if it is unused.
* This also becomes an issue for recursion
* as the preprocessor will continue to
* evaluate the loop until it hits the
* recursion limit, even if because of
* a conditional it will never be used.
* See RECR.h for what I have done to
* avoid this behaviour.
#define IF_ELSE(C, T, E) JOIN(IF_ELSE_, C)(T, E)
#define IF_ELSE_0(T, E) E
#define IF_ELSE_1(T, E) T
#define IF(C, T) IF_ELSE(C, T, )
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