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Cross Platform 3D Application Framework
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Mission statement
We want to make writing cross-platform applications easier.
We want to make those apps more 'je ne sais quoi'; 
adding a touch of 3D, adding augmented reality, playing videos should be easy.
We want to allow you to add this framework as a component (supplementary view) to your existing app.

Getting started
Clone the repo.

Android - Import all projects in Dev/ folder into Eclipse, then run ndk-build in Dev/Android/Source folder.
iOS - Open Dev/iOS/2c.xcodeproj in xCode
Qt - Open Dev/Qt/Project/ in Qt Creator
WebGL - Visit

Look at source file Dev/App/Source/SceneSample1.cpp
for the hook into the first scene that launches.

More detailed instructions and samples coming soon.

External components used
3dsloader (BSD)
Loads the 3ds model format.
Found in Dev/External/3dsloader
*Modified - stripped down tutorial 5 and provided hooks into engine's cross platform file loader.

An advertising provider.
Found in Dev/External/GoogleAdMob
Library file linked to.

Android NDK r5b (Apache 2.0)
Android NDK samples used for guidance to set u Android port.
Source file found in Dev/Android/Source/src/com/android2c/ based off hello-gl2 sample.

Facebook iOS SDK (Apache 2.0)
Provides login to Facebook API.
Found in Dev/External/facebook-ios-sdk
*Modified - stripped out example files and provided direct callbacks into C++ engine classes rather than using their Objective C interface callbacks.

Jansson (MIT)
Jansson is a C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data.
Found in Dev/External/jansson-2.1
*Modified - stripped out example files.

libzip (libzip)
Used for Android port to open up packaged resources.
Found in Dev/Android/Source/jni/libzip

Loads the obj model format.
Found in Dev/External/ObjLoader
*Modified - stripped down tutorial 3 and provided hooks into engine's cross platform file loader.

UIDevice-Hardware (BSD)
Describes iOS hardware types.
Found in Dev/External/UIDevice-Hardware

External tools used
RevanTech Bitmap Font Generator (BSD)
Used to generate font pages.
Found in Tools/RTBFG
*Modified - outputs fonts to fill 1024x1024 page.

This software is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license,
see the "license.txt" file for more details.
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