An Industrial Craft 2 addon that allows any liquid to be processed by the Semifluid Generator.
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IC2 Extra Fuels


This mod is an Industrial Craft 2 addon that allows free configuration of additional fuels to be consumed by Industrial Craft's Semifluid Generator. The mod is especially intended to be used by users of Buildcraft until the new set of fuels introduced in Buildcraft 7.99a (Dense Fuel, Gaseous Fuel, etc.) are officially supported by Industrial Craft. See this bug report.


Compiled releases are found under the project's release page.

User Guide

You may compile the project yourself or download a release version. Simply place the *.jar file into the /mods folder. Upon startup, a default config file additionalFuels.csv (link) will be created in the configs folder /configs.

Each line in the additionalFuels.csv config file adds a liquid to be processed by the Semifluid Generator. The format is


The value for fluid_name has to be taken out of the respective mod that creates the fluid, e.g. for buildcraft

This mod is only needed on the server side.

Legal Stuff

This project is licensed under the MIT License.

For attributions please see the NOTICE file.