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The OrangeQC API

Welcome to the OrangeQC API! This page is perfect for you if you are looking to integrate with OrangeQC, send your data to a third-party system, or connect OrangeQC to Zapier.


API integrations are medium to difficult technical projects. At the least, you should be a Zapier wiz, and at best, someone who has worked with other API integrations in the past. If you aren't, we recommend contacting your IT person for further guidance.

Additionally, your third-party system should be able to handle multiple requests in parallel, handle deduplication, and return proper HTTP status codes.

What are some things I can do?

The OrangeQC API provides flexibility to push data to a variety of third-party services, such as:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) systems, such as PowerBI and Tableau
  • API-connectors, such as Zapier, which allow you to send data to Google Spreadsheets, your CRM, and other Zapier integrations

How will this work?

OrangeQC provides push APIs, which will send data to a URL endpoint that you've specified inside of your OrangeQC account.

For example, if you create a new webhook for inspection data, then OrangeQC will push inspection data to your webhook URL every time a new inspection is done in your account.

Your endpoint should issue an HTTP 2XX Success Status Code. If your endpoint returns a non-successful status code, then the webhook will automatically retry at a later time.


We plan to continue extending the OrangeQC API based upon your feedback! If there is data you'd like available through the API, please contact us at support@orangeqc.com.

API Models