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#License: GNU GPL
#copyright 2013
import smtplib
from flask import Flask, request, jsonify, Response, json
from utils import load_config, load_carriers, logging
#flask setup
app = Flask(__name__)
#port number you will be listening at. change to fit your needs.
PORT = 5000
def index():
return 'web2txt API'
#send the txt message
@app.route("/text", methods=['POST'])
def send_text():
"""Sends the txt message from data passed through POST."""
if request.headers['Content-Type'] == 'application/json':
#converts json to python dict
data = request.json
#get list of carriers from carriers.json
config = load_config()
carriers = load_carriers()
#authenticate request
if data['api_key'] == config['api_key']:
if data['carrier'] in carriers:
#prepare the message
carrier_choice = data['carrier']
carrier = carriers[carrier_choice]
number = data['number']
msg = data['msg']
to = "{0}{1}".format(number, carrier)
sender = config['from']
#sends the actual message
mail = smtplib.SMTP(config['smtp_address'])
mail.login(config['username'], config['password'])
mail.sendmail(sender, to, msg)
#prepare the json response.
log = "Message: '{0}' was sent succesfuly sent to '{1}'.".format(msg, to)
resp = {"response" : log}
response = Response(json.dumps(resp), status=200, mimetype='application/json')
return response
#if the carrier is not supported or found in the carriers list.
log = "Carrier not supported."
#log to web2txt.log file
resp = {"response" : log}
response = Response(json.dumps(resp), status=404, mimetype='application/json')
return response
#if the content type is not json
log = "Wrong request content-type. API only support JSON"
#log to web2txt.log file
resp = {"response" : log}
response = Response(json.dumps(resp), status=415, mimetype='application/json')
return response
if __name__ == "__main__":
#if you need to debug, replace the line below with:, debug=True)
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