Docker image for cross compiling AT91Bootstrap.
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A Docker image for cross compiling AT91Bootstrap for ARM.

Get started

To get started build the Docker image.

$ docker build -t "orangetux/at91bootstrap" .


Start a container from the image that you just build:

$ ./

Build configuration:

$ ./ make menuconfig
*** End of at91bootstrap configuration.                                     
*** Execute 'make' to build at91bootstrap or try 'make help'.               
# make dependencies written to .auto.deps                                   
# ATTENTION at91bootstrap devels!                                           
# See top of this file before playing with this auto-preprequisites!        

The configuration is stored on the host in the file .config.

And cross-compile the bootloader:

$ ./ make
root@2ab4258fb321:~/at91bootstrap# make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi-       
[Succeeded] It's OK to fit into SRAM area     

Build products are stored in binaries/ folder on the host.