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Rake Tasks que utilizamos para auxiliar o desenvolvimento de Aplicações em Ruby on Rails
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Rake Tasks que utilizamos para auxiliar o desenvolvimento de Aplicações em Ruby on Rails.

For Help with SemVer, please go to Using SemVer Tasks manual.

Installing Gem

Just run on your terminal gem install orangeweb-tasks

and … add to your GemFile

gem "orangeweb-tasks"


Rake Tasks

Twitter Bower

rake bower:install                     # install bower packages
rake bower:update                      # update bower packages


rake git                               # show info about current repo state
rake git:push                          # push all repo, commits, branchs and tags
rake git:tag                           # tag last Commit with current semver version
rake git:tag:show                      # show last tag details

Rails Project

rake project:about                     # Show Help & Usage for Orangeweb Rake Tasks
rake project:deploy                    # Execute All Tasks to Deploy your App on Server
rake project:gems                      # Run Gems / Bundler Tasks

SemVer Versioning

rake semver                            # show current version (visit
rake semver:bump                       # Bump Build Version
rake semver:bump:build                 # Bump Build Version
rake semver:bump:major                 # Bump Major Version
rake semver:bump:minor                 # Bump Minor Version
rake semver:bump:patch                 # Bump Patch Version
rake semver:bump:rc                    # Bump Release Candidate Version

Deploy Server

rake webserver:nginx:restart           # restart nginx service ( as sudo )
rake webserver:nginx:start             # start nginx service ( as sudo )
rake webserver:nginx:stop              # stop nginx service ( as sudo )
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