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Default iPhone-theme for Tumblr + DISQUS
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iphone-theme.txt corresponding to support for Androids made by Tumblr



The default iPhone-theme

Here is the possible default iphone-theme (layout for iPhone or other mobile devices), a template of Tumblr. Since Tumblr does not publish the original, I had to do some reverse engineering things before making the page available.

To install the theme, first go to that page and copy all of the text there. Next follow the instruction below:

staff says:

We just added a hook so you can override the default iPhone layout by adding a Custom Layout page with the url /iphone-theme. Have fun!
That’s all.

(Note: I’ve added a support for DISQUS commenting system to the default template. In order to use DISQUS, look for the strings marked “DISQUS” or “DISQUS_SHORTNAME” and modify them.)


As you can see, nothing will happen to your iPhone+Tumblr after this theme is installed for this is the DEFAULT. But I think the template here will be your good starting point for creating really cool themes.

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