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GoPro genlock dongle works with MewPro
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#MewPro Genlock Dongle

A hardware emulator of GoPro Hero 3+ Black: the dongle communicates with GoPro Dual Hero System using I2C and with MewPro using UART, and extracts/transmits genlock signals.

Resources of Genlock Dongle:

Resources of MewPro:

###Compile MewPro Genlock Dongle uses Arduino Pro Mini 328 3.3V 8MHz. The source code is checked to compile/work with Arduino IDE 1.5.8 (or later) and PinChangeInt 2.40-rc2 (or later)

###Serial Line Commands To communicate with MewPros, Genlock Dongle uses the serial line commands of MewPro. All the commands are listed at . You can simply type a command string to the serial console followed by a return; for example,

  • PW0 : shutdown Dual Hero (and other MewPros/GoPros)
  • SH1 : shutter (camera mode) or start record (video mode)
  • SH0 : stop record (video mode)

Almost all listed commands that have a label named SET_BACPAC_xxx are usable. Moreover several special commands are implemented in Genlock Dongle:

  • @ : power on

###Sensors The code here includes an example to support sensors:

  • e_Shutter.ino : Using external shutters such as CANON Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3.
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