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Arduino BacPac™ for GoPro Hero 3+ Black: GoPro can be controlled by Arduino Pro Mini attached on Herobus.


###How To Compile The following small-factor microcontroller boards are known to work with MewPro at least core functionalities and fit within the GoPro housing. Not all the sensors, however, are supported by each of them.

  • Arduino Pro Mini 328 3.3V 8MHz

    • w/ Arduino IDE 1.5.7+
    • if you have troubles on compiling unused or nonexistent libraries, simply comment out #include line as //#include (see Note* below)
  • Arduino Pro Micro - 3.3V 8MHz

    • w/ Arduino IDE 1.5.7+
    • if you have troubles in compiling unused or nonexistent libraries, simply comment out #include line as //#include (see Note* below)
  • Teensy 3.x

    • [POWER SUPPLY: The VIN-VUSB pad connection on the bottom side of Teensy 3.x needs to be cut.]
    • To compile the code with Teensy 3.x:
    1. use Arduino IDE 1.0.6+ and Teensyduino 1.20+
    2. comment out all unused #include as //#include (see Note* below)

(Note*: There is an infamous Arduino IDE's preprocessor bug (or something) that causes to ignore #ifdef/#else/#endif directives and forces to compile unnecessary libraries.)

    • [POWER SUPPLY: The dummy resistor soldered on JP1 of the MewPro board needs replacement w/ a general purpose diode of >100mA w/ dropoff voltage 1V (eg. Bourns S0180); Anode should be located on the Herobus side and Cathode on the Arduino side.]
    • To compile the code with GR-KURUMI using (Renesas web compiler)[] :
    1. open a new project with the template
    2. create a folder named MewPro and upload all the files there.
    3. at project's home directory, replace all the lines of gr_scketch.cpp by the following code:
#include <RLduino78.h>

#include "MewPro/MewPro.ino"
#include "MewPro/a_Queue.ino"
#include "MewPro/b_TimeAlarms.ino"
#include "MewPro/c_I2C.ino"
#include "MewPro/d_BacpacCommands.ino"
#include "MewPro/e_Shutter.ino"
#include "MewPro/f_Switch.ino"
#include "MewPro/g_IRremote.ino"
#include "MewPro/h_LightSensor.ino"
#include "MewPro/i_PIRsensor.ino"
#include "MewPro/j_VideoMotionDetect.ino"
#include "MewPro/k_Genlock.ino"

###Serial Line Commands By default MewPro is configured to use the serial line for controlling GoPro. All the commands are listed at . You can simply type a command string to the serial console followed by a return; for example,

  • PW0 : shutdown GoPro
  • TM0E0A0D090F00 : set GoPro clock to 2014-10-13 09:15:00 (hexadecimal of YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss)
  • SY1 : shutter (camera mode) or start record (video mode)
  • SY0 : stop record (video mode)

Almost all listed commands that have a label named SET_CAMERA_xxx are usable. Moreover two special command are implemented in MewPro:

  • @ : GoPro power on
  • ! : toggle the role of MewPro (slave -> master or master -> slave)

Also the command ! can be used to write the necessary bytes to onboard blank/new I²C EEPROM chip: In order to work as a fake Dual Hero Bacpac™, MewPro's I²C EEPROM must contain such info.

###Sensors The code here includes examples to support various sensors:

  • b_TimeAlarms.ino : Using RTC (real time clock) in GoPro camera body.
  • e_Shutter.ino : Using external shutters such as CANON Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3.
  • f_Switch.ino : Using mechanical switches such as push buttons or reed switches
  • g_IRremote.ino : Using IR (infra red) remote controllers such as DFRobot Digital IR Receiver Module (Arduino), DFR0094.
  • h_LightSensor.ino : Using Microsemi Visible Light Sensor LX1971 and green laser pointers.
  • i_PIRsensor.ino : Using Parallax PIR sensors.
  • j_VideoMotionDetect.ino : Using Intersil Sync Separator EL1883 and a bulk motion detect algorithm.

If you like to use these functions please refer the corresponding .ino files.

###Genlock Dongle MewPro is designed to work with Genlock Dongle [] Please refer the repository for details.

To use MewPro source code with Genlock Dongle, please #define USE_GENLOCK and set EEPROM (by using "!" command) as "master" for not only MewPro #0 but also MewPros #1, #2, #3, ...

For MewPro #0 it must be set debug = false, and for other MewPros this setting does no harm. So you can always set debug = false if you use this source code with Genlock Dongle.

###Timelapse (non-genlock MewPro software) MewPro in non-genlock supports start/stop of GoPro's timelapse. However a misuse will cause firmware corruption of your GoPro and you'll need to reinsall the firmware.

  • GoPro must be power-on in timelapse mode and interval must be set beforehand.
  • Interval must be greater than 2 seconds. (This is GoPro's limitation on Dual Hero System)


Control GoPro Hero 3+ Black from Arduino




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