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Welcome to the Orb wiki!

This wiki is primarily aimed at engineers building or making contributions to Orb.

Orb is a new kind of observability platform that helps operators, developers, and end-users understand their networks, distributed applications, and traffic flow in real-time.

Orb combines concepts from the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Compute, and high throughput stream processing to offer command of a fleet of distributed agents which can be orchestrated in real-time to summarize high volume, information-dense data streams down to lightweight, actionable data sets directly at the edge.

Orb gives you a precision instrument to collect just the observability data you are interested in, extracting the needles from the haystack at the edge. It is based on the pktvisor observability agent.

The platform is open source, extensible, vendor neutral, and cloud native.

Orb is a new project and just gathering speed. Star the project to show your interest! See more at

If you intend to contribute to Orb, welcome! We are very interested in hearing about your use cases, feature requests, and other feedback. You are also invited to join us on Slack.