ROS wrapper for Astra camera
Clone or download

  1. Go to catkin workshop dir and compiler astra_camera
$ catkin_make --pkg astra_camera

note: astra driver provide two work method, normal and filter. With filter driver, get better quality depth data but need high-performance platform , like pc. If you work in the ARM, suggest to use normal method. You can use -DFILTER=ON / OFF to change the method.

$ catkin_make --pkg astra_camera -DFILTER=OFF
  1. Create astra udev rule
$ roscd astra_camera && ./scripts/create_udev_rules
  1. Run astra_camera (You will need to clone the launch files from into your catkin src directory.)

use astra

$ roslaunch astra_launch astra.launch

use astra pro (uvc rgb )

$ roslaunch astra_launch astrapro.launch
  1. You can use rviz or image_view to verify driver