An example of Java infrastructure, based on blog posts on
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An example of Java infrastructure, based on blog posts on

What I want to do with this project – both on my blog and on github – is to build up a generic piece of software with simple Java code, but a rich infrastructure. I think there is a lot to learn from this – and at the end I’ll have a good base to work from with my own future projects.

The blog series discussing this can be found here:

Build environment

This project is currently being built against Ubuntu 14.04 using Java 1.8.0_72. It uses gradle v2.11 via the gradle wrapper.


The project uses a Jenkins instance for continuous integration. The configuration for this is stored within git. When setting up Jenkins, the latest version of the server can be downloaded from You will need to set a JENKINS_HOME directory to specify the directory where Jenkins stores its configurations and data.