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Welcome to the GeoClimate wiki documentation!

GeoClimate is an opensource geospatial toolbox to compute a set of climate related parameters describing a territory (morphological indicators such as Sky View Factor, urban classifications such as Local Climate Zones, etc.).

GeoClimate uses vector-based inputs. Specific workflows have been developed to automatically use OpenStreetMap and the French BD Topo 2.2 version databases but the algorithms are data independent, thus allowing the user to connect any vector-based dataset.

GeoClimate is developed in Groovy language.

Open-source philosophy

It can be freely used either for research and education, as well as by experts in a professional use.

GeoClimate is distributed under LGPL 3 license by the DECIDE GIS team of the Lab-STICC (CNRS).

You are welcome:


The GeoClimate library has been originally developed within the two following research projects:

  • URCLIM (2017 -2021), part of ERA4CS, a project initiated by JPI Climate and co-funded by the European Union under grant agreement No 690462,
  • PAENDORA (2017 -2021), funded by ADEME
  • CENSE (2017 -2021), funded by ANR
  • Chaire GeoTERA (2020), funded by SNCF Réseau on behalf of the foundation Université Bretagne Sud (


    The official documentation is available in English only.

    If you observe some mistakes or errors, please contact us at or let an issue here.

    You are welcome to contribute, improve the documentation