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H2GIS is composed of three qualified professionals in GIS and informatic sciences.


H2GIS uses Maven. To launch a full build (including tests), run the following command:

$ mvn clean install

During the build a report is generated thanks to Corbertura. Corbertura help you determine how well the unit testing and integration testing efforts have been, and can then be used to identify which parts of H2GIS need test coverage.

If you want to skip tests and Corberura report, please run :

$ mvn clean install -DskipTests -Dcobertura.skip=true


For legal reasons, contributors are asked to provide a contributor license agreement. We invite each contributor to send a mail to the [H2GIS developer] ( mailing list.

The mail need to include the following statement:

"I wrote the code, it's mine, and I'm contributing it to H2GIS for distribution licensed under the [LGPL 3.0] ("

For a significant contribution, send a PR on GitHub and refer it in your message. For a single contribution join a patch to your mail.


H2GIS's documentation is located at


You can follow @H2GIS on Twitter.

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