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Map Composer plugin


The "Map Composer" plugin allows to create cartographic documents (usually called "a map"). Here, such a document is made of:

  • a map context: the content displayed in the map window of OrbisGIS. A map context is structured as an .ows file, which fit with a custom version of OGC OWS-Context standard, available HERE,
  • additionnal elements such as title, scale, orientation, ...


To install the "Map Composer", please use at least the OrbisGIS 5.1.X version.

Then, go to the menu "Tools/Manage plugins" and search "Map Composer" and press "Download & Start".

Go to the menu "Tools" and check the "Map Composer".

Map Composer


In the toolbar, you have icons to ...

... manage the cartographic document

Toolbar - manage

  • create a new document,
  • configure a document,
  • save a document,
  • open a document,
  • export a document in .pdf (vector or raster) or image (.png, .jpg, .gif).

... add elements to the cartographic document

Toolbar - add

  • add a map context,
  • add text,
  • add a legend (not available right now),
  • add the orientation,
  • add a scale,
  • add a picture.

Toolbar - add shapes

  • add a circle,
  • add a rectangle.

... organize elements

Toolbar - organize

  • bottom,
  • down,
  • up,
  • top.

... align elements

Toolbar - align

  • left / horizontal center / right,
  • bottom / vertical center / top .

... manage selected object(s)

Toolbar - manage selection

  • move the element with x / y coordinates,
  • define the size (width / height),
  • rotate.

... other actions

Toolbar - other

  • display properties of selected object(s),
  • remove selected object(s),
  • redraw selected object(s),
  • cancel the rendering,
  • undo,
  • redo.

In action

Create a new cartographic document

Once you open the Map Composer, you have first to create a new cartographic document. To do this, click on the first icon (on the left in the toolbar). Here a new "Configuration" panel appears.

Configuration panel

You are invited to specify:

  • the format,
  • the size (widht/height) (if needed),
  • the orientation,
  • the name.

Press "OK" to finish.

Fill the document

Then, you can fill the cartographic document with the map context (the map you have in OrbisGIS) and other elements such as title, scale, ...

To add an element, follow these steps:

  1. click on the icon,
  2. in the new panel, configure your element and click on "OK",
  3. with the mouse, draw a rectangle which will correspond to the element's extent.

Fill the map