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# Initial page
<img src="" alt="Orbit Logo" width="200px"/>

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Orbit is a framework to write distributed systems using virtual actors on the JVM. It allows developers to write highly distributed and scalable applications while greatly simplifying clustering, discovery, networking, state management, actor lifetime and more.

<a href="'s-Choice-Award-2016"><img src="" alt="Duke's Choice Award Logo" width="200px" /></a><br />
Orbit received the 2016 Duke's Choice Award for Open Source, read [here]('s-Choice-Award-2016) for more information.

Full Documentation
See the [Wiki]( for full documentation, examples and other information.

Developer & License
This project was developed by [Electronic Arts]( and is licensed under the [BSD 3-Clause License](LICENSE).

Simple Example
#### Java
public interface Hello extends Actor
Task<String> sayHello(String greeting);
public class HelloActor extends AbstractActor implements Hello
public Task<String> sayHello(String greeting)
getLogger().info("Here: " + greeting);
return Task.fromValue("Hello There");
Actor.getReference(Hello.class, "0").sayHello("Meep Meep");

#### Scala
trait Hello extends Actor
def sayHello(greeting: String): Task[String]
class HelloActor extends AbstractActor[AnyRef] with Hello
def sayHello(greeting: String): Task[String] =
{"Here: " + greeting)
Task.fromValue("Hello There")
Actor.getReference(classOf[Hello], "0").sayHello("Meep Meep")

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