Duke's Choice Award 2016

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Orbit was the recipient of the 2016 Duke's Choice Award for Open Source.

From Joe Hegarty, Lead Engineer:

Hi Everyone,

I was honored to travel to JavaOne in San Francisco to accept the 2016 Duke's Choice Award for Open Source on behalf of the Orbit project.

Orbit has been a real team effort ranging from the initial internal engineering efforts at EA and the efforts of our legal team to make Orbit EA's first community project to the amazing contributions from our open source community. The Duke's Choice Award recognizes the effort that everyone has contributed over the past couple of years to get Orbit to where it is. I'm extremely proud of the achievement that we've made together.

I also want to take this opportunity to discuss the future of the Orbit framework. In recent months development of the project has slowed and naturally this has caused concern around the future of the framework.
Orbit was originally developed at BioWare to support specific game titles, this gave the framework a great start but has meant continued Orbit development has been primarily driven by the needs of a small number of users. I'm delighted to say that moving forward Orbit (and myself) have moved to EA's central digital platform team where a renewed effort is underway to support the framework for use across a broader range of internal EA projects.
Orbit has a vibrant future and in the coming months we expect to take the framework to a solid 1.0 production ready level. This will include focused development in the service discovery, clustering and messaging layer of Orbit to make it high performance, more robust and easier to work with, as well as a renewed development push in framework features such as event sourcing, distributed transactions and more.
I'm really excited about where we're taking the framework next and I can't wait to share more information in the coming weeks.


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